150 seeds of Peeled Organic Dried Moringa Oleifera seeds Herbal Herb Dietary supplement – All


150 seeds of Peeled Organic Dried Moringa seeds Herbal Herb Dietary supplement. Moringa Seeds and Good Health Like many other herbal products, Moringa seeds contain minerals and vitamins that are essential for the maintenance of good general health, when used as part of a balanced diet. Moringa Seeds for Skin: The oil extracted from Moringa seeds can be used as natural moisturizer and nourishes the skin. In this listing you will receive 150 Peeled Moringa seeds.Dried Moringa seeds from Natural.
Organic Moringa, Pure Herb.
For Health, Skin and Hair.
Easy to Eat, Eat with meal or Eat as snack.
2-3 seeds per time, In the morning and evening.

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