belts for men casual high top


This is a special design for your cool beach style. Enjoy your holiday and to be attactive and eye-catching.
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Size information (inch), don’t forget to keep inches space to wear it comfortable per your actual need.

27=Tag 28:–Waist(27.7″)—Hips:37.8″—Thigh:20.8″
28=Tag 29:–Waist(29.0″)—Hips:38.6″—Thigh:21.2″
29=Tag 30:–Waist(30.2″)—Hips:39.4″—Thigh:21.6″
30=Tag 31:–Waist(31.5″)—Hips:40.2″—Thigh:22.0″
31=Tag 32:–Waist(32.8″)—Hips:40.9″—Thigh:22.4″
32=Tag 33:–Waist(34.1″)—Hips:41.7″—Thigh:22.8″
33=Tag 34:–Waist(35.4″)—Hips:42.5″—Thigh:23.2″
34=Tag 36:–Waist(36.7″)—Hips:43.3″—Thigh:23.6″
36=Tag 38:–Waist(38.0″)—Hips:44.1″—Thigh:24.0″
38=Tag 40:–Waist(39.3″)—Hips:44.9″—Thigh:24.4″
40=Tag 42:–Waist(40.7″)—Hips:45.7″—Thigh:24.8″

Package included:
1* Mens Shorts (Accessories not included)

Notes: color differences allowed for light effects.

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