Chandamama Illustrated Children’s Magazine: 169 Issues in English on Disc


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Chandamama is a classic children’s monthly magazine famous for its illustrations. Originally published in India and is now published in 13 languages including English. It has become well known for its unique style of storytelling with mythological and magical tones.

The magazine started the unique trend of telling a story, almost always bound by a common thread of moral values, with a grandparents’ style of storytelling in the most flexible third-person narrative mode, in print and the magazine was hailed for of delivering entertaining, sensitive, and educational literature for its young readers.

The stories published were drawn from numerous historical and modern from around the world. Mythology, epics, fables, parables and even useful hearsay were spun suitably to feed the impressionable minds so that they seek the right direction in life, even while entertaining them thoroughly.

The first edition of Chandamama was released in July, 1947 (see sample pages). Initially, the covers were printed in four-colours, while the illustrations inside used line drawings. Each page of Chandamama has an illustration, although in the strict sense of the term, Chandamama is not a comic book, with the exception of the Chitra-katha column.

The scans of these old magazines (almost 60 years old) are not crystal clear as in todays computerized versions.They are the best scans available but do show the magazines age (cracks, creases, wears, tears, smudges and fuzziness) but still readable and entertaining.

** The files contained on this disc are in formats that open with a computer **

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