Child Safety Lock- Adjustable Lock Latches for Baby Proof Cabinets, Drawers, Toilet Seat, Fridge, Ap


Never worry about toddlers and pets ravaging trash bins! Never worry about babies being hurt by danger!^^?
Lighting Mall baby safety locks keep your angels from dangerous; keep you from messy and anxieties.^^?
Protect You Baby All the Time^^?
?Lock the dangerous drawer or cabinets and give your baby a safe play environment. With the help of baby safety locks, little troublemakers and naughty pets
cannot open drawers and cabinets anymore. Relax yourself when your toddlers close to fridge, trash bins and drawers, disturbing things will never happen again.
High Quality Safety Locks
-Multi-purpose use
-Adjustable lock strap
-Durable and safe material
-Lock or unlock with only one hand
-Easy installation; no tools needed
-Strong adhesive with anti-pull strap
Kindly Remind
1. Clean the furniture surface with dry cloth before installing.
2. Rest the lock for 24h after installing in order to strengthen adhesiveness.
3. Easily remove the lock with glue-dispenser, cleanser or hair drier.
What You Get
6 x Baby safety locks
1 year after-sales warranty

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