Dewenwils Outdoor Mechanical Light Timer, 24-Hour Programmable Plug-in Heavy Duty Outlet Timer with


Convenient & Energy Saving
All the pins have been pushed down in advance when you get the outdoor timer.
Turn the timer dial to the current time. Pull up all the pins, and then push down the pins for the time you want it to run to the time you want it to end.
Be sure you push all the pins down for the run time. Set the manual override switch on TIMER mode and then plug it in.
The outdoor timer will automatically turn on/off outdoor lights as you set and save energy by not running lights all night.

Rational Design
There is a hole on the back of the timer to mount it to a wall and no shaking during use.
Right angle plug make sure the timer is mounted in a vertical position with the outlets facing downward when plugged into standard outlet.

-Input Voltage: 125VAC, 60Hz
-Max Power Rating: 1875W Resistive/1875W Tungsten/500VA Electronic Ballast/1/2HP
-Cord: SJTW 14/3C

Packing List:
-1x Mechanical Timer
-1x Instruction Manual

1. Do not attach a device that exceed the unit ratings.
2. In case of power failure, please reset the time.
3. The timer must be mounted in a vertical position with the outlets facing downward and at least 2ft above the ground level.

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