Double sided Jigsaw Floor Puzzle – Side 1: Jewish School Bus Side 2: Going to Cheider – 3 fe


When you want to give for kids a super fun and super educational time… you need a Fishy’s Double Puzzle.


– 3 Feet Long Kid Size Puzzle.

– 24 Large Piece

– 2 Sided Floor Puzzle

– Shaped Puzzle

– Ages 2-6

– Kids Love it

This puzzle is sure to provide hours of learning and double fun for your kids.


Puzzle play is a wonderful way for children to have fun while developing physical, cognitive, and emotional skills. As kids work on solving puzzles, they are developing fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They develop problem-solving skills and learn to think logically.

Puzzles also help with shape recognition and help to enhance memory. Puzzle play encourages goal setting and patience-both of which are rewarded when the puzzle is completed!

By Farbreng Toys

EDUCATION QUALITY & FUN: Are you looking to give your children a marvelous fun, yet educational time? Opt for the Fishy’s double puzzle. The puzzle is extra thick and contains 24 child friendly pieces. IT’S DOUBLE THE PUZZLE, DOUBLE THE FUN!
AGES: The perfect toy and game present for toddlers, preschoolers, boys and girls, and is commonly played by kids ages 2 3 4 5 6. The best upsheren present for a Yiddish 3-year-old boy at his payos / payes cutting.
3 FEET LONG SHAPED PUZZLE: Your little one will feel great, having created this 3 feet long masterpiece of artwork to display. Puzzle shape is the image of a charming upsherin boy who looks REAL & ALIVE!
SIDE 1 – UPSHERIN BOY PUZZLE: It features a bold and cheerful complete picture of the most adorable upsherin boy holding an upsherin peckel and his alef binah.
SIDE 2 – ALEPH BEIS PUZZLE: Flip over to the other side to reveal a complete new picture! An Aleph Beis Puzzle with multi-colored 3d Alef bais letters.