Hand stitched small wallet vegetable tanned buffalo and chrome tanned cow hide distressed leathers w


Small leather walletwaxed and oiled and lightly distressed, hand cut and hand sewn with a mix of vegetable tanned and chrome tanned leathers giving a lovely soft and hard mix.
The outside of the wallet is soft chamois cow leather while the inside is vegetable tanned buffalo hide (buffalo chosen over cow as it shows more variation and grain). There is one pocket running the length for bills and in front of that slots for 4 credit cards/ID cards/receipts/what have you. You can fit more cards if you like (and to be clear, I did not insert the cards all the way into the wallet in the illustrative photo). The wallet is hand-cut and hand-stitched with waxed cotton thread. Light-weight metal slim snaps close the wallet tight in your pocket without adding girth.
Beautifully designed by Water Air Industry to be thin skinny slimmy, nude and naked, spartan and minimal and feather-light. Named Anorexia not only for it’s svelte styling but also because I always seem to be starved for cash and I figure there might be others in the same situation.
Anyhow, it’s small and light in the pocket. In fact, I keep it in my front pocket since it’s so small and I no longer have a dent in my butt.
The dimensions of the Anorexia are 8.25in x 3.25in/21cm x 8cm. The weight is on average only 2.4 ounces or 67 grams.
The Anorexia is available in many colors. Please check the Amazon shop.
Shipping will be Standard Post with tracking and will take between 1 and 2 weeks to arrive.

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