OUTNUMBER Every Child’s First Numbers Math Game to learn number recognition and sequencing…


Story and theme
Welcome to OUTNUMBER, a place where numbers live with their families. As in life, each family here has a unique and quirky personality and style. The yogic 4s, the angry 3s or the beautiful 9s, all stay at OUTNUMBER. Each family has a Papa Number (Number in words), Mama Number (Number in count) and two little kids (English and Hindi numeral). Here is your chance to make them your friends for life.
Have hours of fun in this addictive numbers game. The revolutionary design and play rules give story and personality to each number. You will notice an instant improvement in number recall. Master the most fundamental math skill – the number system

• Recognition of number shapes
• English Numerals
• Counting
• Sequencing and comparison
• Number in words
• Addition
• Flexibility

Practice Jump
6 Times more than class. OUTNUMBER comes with specific game plays for each Math skill. For example
• Match up – game play with 20 game cards to practice number recognition
• Bazaar – game play with 30 cards to practice Number to words

Target Group
KG and above

• 1 hand crafted wooden hut – the number home
• 60 thick and glossy number cards
• 1 rule book

About Logic Roots
We are a team of IIT and IIM alumni who are passionate about Math. We are working hard to Reinvent How Kids Practice Maths. Through a combination of original board games, card games, computer programs, apps and Math activities we are helping students practice more and practice better. Our products are being used by leading schools across India including DPS, Jindal, MGD and the likesGAME DESCRIPTION: Outnumber is a number counting and matching game for kindergarten kids. It has numbers from 1 to 20. There are 3 cards in each number family corresponding to- Numeral, Number in words and Number as count. Each card clearly displays a number, corresponding number word, written on it as words along with an intelligent picture evoking the image of the number. For eg. An octopus with 8 tentacles evokes the image of the number 8, a rainbow evokes the image of 7 and so on.
TODDLER EARLY LEARNING TOYS: Kids will master early number skills like number recognition, sequencing, addition and writing numbers in words for numbers up to 20. Fun Math Manipulatives for elementary and kindergarten kids
UNIQUE APPROACH: Each number in this number home has a unique personality which helps build recall of shapes and sequence of numbers. Associating characters is the most effective method to remember anything and this game does exactly the same- makes recalling numbers a cakewalk for kids.
SIMPLE GAME PLAY: 4 amazingly simple and fun game plays within the game, one for each of the number skill that this game addresses. Effective Number matching & recognition game.
VISUAL APPEAL: The cards have a bright glossy finish on one side and a soft complementary colour on the other. This not just catches the attention of toddlers but ensures that the cards never leave their hands.

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