SHOTS FIRED: Greta Thunberg issues THREAT to Congress on Earth Day

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Cristina Laila From The Gateway Pundit reports, Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg put politicians on notice during her testimony before Congress on Earth Day. Thunberg on Thursday warned politicians that today’s youth will decide how those in power “will be remembered” so tread lightly and take action to fight climate change now.

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“My Advice For You is to Choose Wisely” – Greta Thunberg Threatens Congress on Earth Day (VIDEO)

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32 thoughts on “SHOTS FIRED: Greta Thunberg issues THREAT to Congress on Earth Day

  1. Little Queen has not seen much yet- let time take its own as we need no more telling off by spectator critics. Some of us have actual tasks… it insults us all to have this one separate herself.

  2. I thought if we didn’t do what she said we were all going to be dead in ten years. Cant write a history book if your dead.
    Everything goes to shit it won’t matter, if all her predictions don’t come true future historians will say ‘thank God they didn’t fall for the hype’

  3. 😮One critical and big question that hasn’t been asked and answered is … what the hell does this little girl know about a contentious, complex issue like environmental science ?!!

  4. Ugh she’s so annoying 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s even more annoying that she’s so bad at reading this in a way that it smoothly translates into conversation that it’s distracting.

  5. If that dimwitted doom goblin leads her generation they won't do anything. They won't write about the older generations and they won't hold anyone accountable and they sure as hell won't be solving any real world problems.

    But thankfully she won't be leading them.

  6. Ask her what she done for climate change? Also why you only focus on one issue when their are so many others that people face today. Hey Greta how about we solve the most damaging issues that people face today which might in fact help solve climate change if that is a real thing. Also you not the boss of anyone so wont you worry about you and your surrounding and I will do the same.

  7. Doesn't she know they're lying to us about climate problems? Biden, or should I say Obama slash Harris, are only going to use 6 percent of the money for climate change, and then they want to strip us of meat, and cars,. They want only the rich people to have electric cars. They want to kill people in Texas with their windmills and that freeze when they get too cold. They have been saying for years that we're doomed, re climate change, but look we're still here. They have to make small changes, like not putting oil in the lakes. They have to stop cutting down the rainforest. They should say we can't use items that mess up the ozone,

  8. She’s reading from a scrip that’s been written for her by her handlers, bless her she’s so full of her own importance she doesn’t realise she’s being used!! Her own parents are making a killing, all the way to the Bank!!! I wonder if George Soros has a hand in this hmmm 🤔

  9. Top ten names not to give your daughter's:
    1. Greta
    2. Karen
    3. Hillary
    4. Kamala
    5. Huma
    6. Maxine
    7. Nancy
    8. Madeleine
    9. Ghislaine
    10. Debbie
    Those of course are just a few…

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