Smile?! You Ain’t Worth A Smile Until…..

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21 thoughts on “Smile?! You Ain’t Worth A Smile Until…..

  1. Smiling as a general prerequisite is fine, you never know whose day you'll brighten up with a smile and formal greeting.

    Women and men have to understand people are always assessing your demeanor.

    The caliber women/men you could potentially be interested will usually never approach you merely based off how you treat others. I mean, if you aren't necessarily trying to be noticed in that fashion then you can potentially disregard that. No sensible human being wants to engage with someone who is constantly frowning and shows they let their impulsivity control them.

    Look at it as practice, you can reject offers with a smile or if the smile ain't working then mean mug but " hard " shouldn't be an initial expression if you're wanting people to engage with you.

  2. Last week a woman was shot in Atlanta for turning down a man . She was with her boyfriend. Kevin…stop acting like crazy people don’t exist. Once that happens the guard goes up. It just is what it is. Nothing wrong with smiling. You don’t have to smile “for” someone though cut it out.

  3. I'm addicted to this channel. As a black man i used to think that I'm not good enough for black women compounded by their off-putting attitude but now Kevin has highlighted the truth. Now having a mixed race family it's now a concern for my childrens generation of what group within society my offsprings will be affiliated with since the black community is so disfunctional.

  4. Why do men feel the need to speak to women at all. When out I ignore them because I know keeping my mind on my money and money on mine is of the most importance. Things will be fine if you go that route. Women don't respect men out here anyway these days. Year by year it just continues to worsen.

  5. I want man to spend 400,000 per year on me and my kids.

    I smile to be pleasant to such a man so he might think to approach me……. HOW DARE YOU.

    I guess your smile is much better used in customer service behind the walmart desk. Enjoy your independence.

  6. I saw a woman sitting outside, crying in the rain. Mind you I was sitting outside on my covered porch enjoying the showers. I had overheard her screaming and sobbing on the phone with someone (presumably a love interest) earlier, but about 30 mins had gone by since then and I’d forgotten. Anyways, I went inside, got an umbrella, walked downstairs and asked her if she was alright. This woman looked me dead in my eyes, eyes red from sobbing, drenched in rain with a snotty nose and said in the harshest tone “Yes now leave me alone” now I’m from the hood and we were in the hood, I was legitimately trying to help her out and make sure she was alright but she treated me like the villain. Since then, I stay out of it. Any woman I see in distress, shiiiiiit hope you got a man, a father, some brothers, cousins, sumn cause you ain’t got me🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️💨

  7. My face is natural poker face like this 😐I I’m trying to learning how to smile more becuz people say I have a nice smile (I get told why are you mad? Are you okay?) I’m just like it’s my face but I smile afterwards , I always hated my smile as a child becuz I had buck teeth and just never smiled in any of my pics, recently I’ve been smiling in my pics

  8. Her point is lost a little bit. If you’re scared, a predator isn’t going to look at your “intimidating” face and think you’re tough. Anytime I’ve walked around with a smile on my face people have been less likely to mess with me. Confidence and kindness go a lot farther than some think.

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