Soldier wears Ugg Boots in Uniform VS Angry Drill Sgt

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A Soldier decided the best way to adhere to her “soft shoe profile” was to wear a pair of Ugg Boots and blend in. It did the opposite, and now Angry Drill SGT is here to make an on the spot correction. Hold on to your hearts because Angry Drill SGT is about to F#$K your feeling.

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39 thoughts on “Soldier wears Ugg Boots in Uniform VS Angry Drill Sgt

  1. So a little rundown, this was at Fort McClellan in Alabama. I was there doing my PHAs (20th SF Group) this soldier, whom I will not name, was actually right in front of me and I was standing next to the guy who recorded this.

  2. Dude, in the mid 90s I went into the base personnel office and saw a MSgt wearing black roper cowboy boots. I asked her what kind of boots she was wearing and she just stood there totally clueless.

  3. This is great because it’s such a short clip, and it’s nothing but pure testosterone induced rage and fury because of fucking uggs. Especially 1:35 the way “Formation” was said was beautiful

  4. I’m totally guilty of still wearing UGGs 😂. But damn if they ain’t the warmest pair of shoes I own. As a southerner, complete necessity for winter visits up north.

  5. Not that Uggs were around in the early to mid 80's when I was in the Army, but if they were and someone was brain dead enough to wear them with their BDU's, I have no doubt the body would never have been found.

  6. Something feels wrong when the Monopoly guy is yelling at you while wearing an Angry Corps uniform on an Angry Cops channel. There's gotta be a good backstory here.

    Point made though, POG activity like this is what leads to crocs; and that's not okay.

  7. I had a sergeant that had a soft shoe profile after having foot surgery. He wore 1 boot and 1 tennis shoe. Looked ridiculous, but he was hardcore like that.

  8. Watching a man rant like this makes me hot. I'm married. I love my alpha man. AC and he would be great buddies. Hubby is a master carpenter with the initials JC. My man is not afraid to fight for himself. I have the pics to prove it. Make men great again AC. Ladies stop hoeing. Find a husband and make babies. Make women great again. Take responsibility for your choices. Call out fraud!!! Take a stand!!! Stop selling a lie. Get real!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Back during an earlier (losing) conflict I put on my two-tone brown platform shoes with my 1505's (one of the coolest uniforms ever except for my fatigues that held a 12-pack). Got halfway to my duty station before I realized my mistake. So glad I didn't run into a superior officer as they would not have been as understanding as you were.

  10. God.. I love the looks on your face.. really brings me back to basic. The stuff that would fly out of the TI's (yes AF) mouth was just priceless. That's what makes a truly memorable instructor.. Also, they need to make that mustache in reg, it's awesome.

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