Space Force Basic Training VS Angry Drill SGT

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The United States Space Force put out a video documenting its first “Guardians” going through Basic Training. Obstacle courses, drill instructors, classroom time, and other training are shown in the video. It’s one of the saddest training videos Angry Drill SGT has ever seen, and he breaks it down the only way he can.

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32 thoughts on “Space Force Basic Training VS Angry Drill SGT

  1. If that's what basic looks like at Space Force the aliens won't have to tell us resistance is futile, we'll already know. On a positive note, Space Force is the best thing that ever happened to the Coast Guard.

  2. When he said that the guy looked like a potato I looked at the youtuber and though he looks like the guy on the pringles chip

  3. Yeaaaaaah…those gloves aren’t because of covid. We’re just too big of pussies to do our “obstacle course” without gloves. It was a requirement for whatever dumb fucking reason

  4. I always thought the Space Force was a dumb idea, but this is just pathetic. These have got to be some of the worst recruits ever. Just what the heck are they going to do anyway? It's not like they are going to be zipping around up there in rockets like a B-movie. Sigh.

  5. Potato, potahto??!?? Between 18!!! And 23!!!?! Are you actually serious right now space cadet!?! Because when we, (finally) send your dumbass, Out Into SPACE… You better have these numbers corect. Or it's a long way down! So unless this is all one big elaborate suicide attempt, (which I am honestly too hesitant to put pass you) I suggest you figure out what numbers are and how they work, befor you get there.

  6. Aliens coming down ready to surrender thinking they are going to be up against Captain Kirk, Getting some ass kicking . Be changing their mind when they meet potato first class . Also in space no one can hear you scream like a bear. Even if you getting done by a bear.

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