Doocy Calls Out Biden's Recession Claims

Biden Sells 20M Barrels Of US Oil Reserves, Media Smears Trump As GOP SLAMS Biden Oil Sale To China

AOC FAKES Being Handcuffed, Gets ARRESTED Protesting SCOTUS As Democrats Push Bill To Pack Court

Biden The Anchorman.

Biden's Word Salad in the Middle East: "We must all be free to practice our face."

Saudi Arabia Muslims watching the show of yelling Biden's female handlers.

Biden to Israelites: "To keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust, horror of the Holocaust!"

Biden and Mexican president make fun of the press and then kick them out.

NASA: "We are going to be able to answer questions." WH: "It's time for the press to leave."

Interrupted Biden: "Sit down you'll hear what I have to say.. let me finish.. let me talk.. okay?"

Biden: "I'm going to look like a fool here." The press: "Aww."

Biden ROASTED For HILARIOUSLY Reading Prompter Instruction, WH Staff Issues DESPERATE Lie In Defense

Epic exchange between Biden Press Sec & Fox News reporter on right to privacy and intimidation.

Epic exchange between Biden Press Sec & Fox News reporter on Biden's unpopular "plan".

Biden: "They told me not to but I'm gonna do it anyway I'm tell a story.. do you think I'm joking?"

Biden's handlers are so creative with the teleprompter.

Biden changes his "restless dad in the bedroom" story from "no health insurance" to "no pensions."

BREAKING: Chicago police officer shot as gun violence erupts on July 4th weekend | LiveNOW from FOX

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