DC Buildings EVACUATED After Man Makes Threats, Says "Revolution Starts Today," Surrenders To Police

Biden And BLM Support TANKING, Americans Are Fed Up With Leftist Politics From Democrats

Democrats Lie And GOP Rep CRIES At Capitol Hearing, Antifa And BLM Riots Downplayed By Democrats

BLM Activist Proposes Black Only Cities Or "Autonomous Zones" In D.C. Democrats Warn Of "Civil War"

Poll Shows Over 35% Support Secession, Biden Pushing Civil War As More People Call For Balkanization

South Africa COLLAPSING, Armed Citizens SHOOTING Rioters As Army Deployed To Quell "Civil War"

New Story PROVES Democrats Let Cities BURN In BLM Riots And Crimewaves In Order To Spite Trump

Capitol Police EXPANDING Around US Using 1/6 As Excuse For Power, Democrats Push For NATIONAL Police

Democrats Have Come Out Against The 4th of July And The American Flag, The U.S. Is Being Torn Apart

BLM Rioters Hold City Council VP "Hostage" Demand Riot Charges Dropped, Democrats Are LOSING Control

GOP Rep DEMANDS Activist Athlete Gwen Berry Be Removed Over Protesting US Anthem At Olympic Trials

Hundreds Of BLM Looters Have Charges Dropped, Liberals Are Fleeing To Red States And Voting Democrat

Suburb Declares Its SECEDING Due To Crime As BLM Riots Make Police Quit EN MASSE

Biden Domestic Terror Plan Will Include ‘Anti-Radicalization’ Training For Retiring Military

INSANE Video Shows Man Loading Garbage Bag Of Stolen Goods, Democrat Policies Have DESTROYED Cities

Democrats FURIOUS After GOP Blocks Jan 6th Commission, Republicans Defect And DEFEND Democrat Lies

BLM Politician Who Voted To Defund Police Carjacked by CHILDREN, Democrats PANIC And REFUND Police

Shots ERUPT At George Floyd No Go Zone In MN During LIVE News Report, BLM Antifa Causing MORE CRIME

Pro BLM Prosecutor CRUSHES Moderate In Election Proving Democrats WANT Rising Crime, Support Riots

Police Are PROTECTING BLM Protesters, Viral Video Sparks Outrage After Cops Defend BLM And Antifa

Olympics BANS Black Lives Matter Protest, Kneeling BANNED, People Are Tired Of Antifa And BLM Riots

Feds Had Secret Plan To Arrest Chauvin If He Was ACQUITTED, Democrat Corruption On Full Display

DeSantis Scores MAJOR Victory As FL Senate Passes Anti Censorship Bill NUKING Big Tech From Orbit

NEW State Of Emergency Declared Over Fear Of BLM Riot After Shooting, Chauvin Verdict Did NOTHING

Chauvin Trial Juror Now ADMITS She Was Terrified Of BLM Riots And Retaliation, Appeal Almost Certain

Police Are Resigning EN MASSE Over BLM Riots And Democrat Policy, Chauvin Verdict Will Make It WORSE

Democrats And BLM Literally Defend Child Knife Fights In Order To Justify Abolishing Police

Minnesota Declares State Of Emergency, National Guard Deployed As Chauvin Verdict Nears, BLM Riots

Democrat Threats And BLM Riots May Have ALREADY Corrupted Chauvin Trial, Jury May Say GUILTY In Fear

Florida Passes Anti Riot Bill Granting Immunity To People Who Drive Through Rioters Amid BLM Riots

Chauvin Trial Prosecutors Screw Up BIGTIME, Judge Threatens Mistrial, Defense FURIOUS, Riot Expected

Chauvin Trial Defense Scores MAJOR Win As Medical Expert Says George Floyd Death Was NOT A Homicide

Police Chief RESIGNS Amid Daunte Wright Riots, Chauvin Trial Compromised By BLM Riots

Chauvin Trial Judge REFUSES To Sequester Jury As BLM Riots ERUPT, Media Tainting Public Perception

BLM Announces New “Mostly Peaceful” Riots

INSIDE THE CHAZ: Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott Speaks About Autonomous Zones at CPAC

Project Veritas Video Leak PROVES Tech Execs Plan Censoring Conservatives, Even Threaten Republicans

Tucker Carlson Faces Boycott After Woke Journalist OUTRAGE Over Comment On BLM Riots And Impeachment

Elijah BEATEN Covering BLM Riots in Philadelphia | The Glenn Beck Program


Kamala Harris PRAISES Leftist Riots Saying “Fight” Is Essential, Trump Declares Antifa A TERROR Org

UNREST Erupts After AG Says NO CHARGES In Death of Breonna Taylor, Leftists In Uhaul Deliver Shields

Trump Approval SKYROCKETS After Crushing BLM Leftist Riots And Signing Historic Peace Agreements

DOJ Explored Charging Democrats For Allowing Antifa And BLM Leftist Riots, Trump Has ENDED The Riots

Cancel Culture BACKFIRES On Antifa And BLM Leftists As Their Arrests Go Public, They Lose Their Jobs


Democrats Supporting BLM Riots May Have ALREADY Cost Them The Election As Riots WIPE OUT Poll Gains

Democrat Base COLLAPSING As More Quit The Party Over BLM Leftist Riots, Small Towns Join Republicans

Trump Bans Leftist Ideology From Government In BIGGEST Victory For Conservatives In The Culture War

Polls TANK for Democrats as Americans see THIS