Five Texas Legislators With COVID; European Infections Increase Despite Vaccination | Serene Lee

Biden yells in his speech crescendo.

Biden on Cuba, Haiti, and his administration's comprehensive strategy.

Democrat Pelosi demonstrates how a politician answers a question.

Democrat Newsom asks people to take shorter showers, do less laundry to save water.

Thomas Sowell schools Biden at Robert Bork hearings in 1987.

Biden: "I physically went to Afghanistan. I was up in that pass where Osama bin Laden was."

Biden yells his 4th of July speech.

Supercut: Every Time Trump Mocked Joe Biden

Biden pandering to the trade union teachers.

Why does Biden need a theater stage to make his speeches?

Biden tells a bus driver about buses.

Biden's only 3 mins appearance today ended up as usual with no questions taken.

Biden pandering LGBTQ + audience.

And that was it: she visited the border and blamed the previous administration; problem solved.

Biden's Presidency: Best in show.

The way Biden walks out is becoming his signature of how he deals with the press.

'Juneteenth' is a Federal Holiday (Because Orange Man Bad)

Biden: We yield our rights to the government.

Biden confuses Putin with Trump while reading from the teleprompter.

Breaking: Biden criticizes the press for their negative questions.

Biden says the 'criminals' on Jan. 6 killed a police officer.

Biden ignores questions.

Kamala Harris trying to twist what happened with DACA in 2017.

Biden: The Republican Party is vastly diminished in numbers, the leadership is fractured…

Biden's stuffer yells as usual at the press to leave in front of all NATO members.

Jill Biden ushers Joe Biden away.

Biden leading from behind.

VP Harris fixes the border crisis touring a childcare center.

A Democrat feels 'disturbed' by the American flag.

Hey, look who’s back on TV. This is CNN.

Jill: Oh, the love? We're bringing love and unity from America.. OMG, Joe is overprepared..

Guatemalan Pres tells fully vaccinated U.S. VP Harris to put a mask on.

Q: Do you have any plans to visit the border? Kamala: I don't understand the point you're making.

U.S. VP Harris is taking care of Guatemala.

Psaki's joke falls flat: 'Even a full room, no laughs.'

Biden's UN Ambassador talks about the dangers of corruption within the U.S.

Reporter: 'What took the U.S. so long to take it seriously?' Psaki: 'We completely refute that'.

Instead of fixing the border crisis VP Harris provides high speed Internet to Indian tribes.

Biden: We don't know how bad the virus is but if you don't get the vaccine you will be dead wrong.

Biden forgot how long he's been president as he takes credit for 15 months of pandemic response.

Reporter: Why there is a shortage of workers? Psaki: It takes time to regain confidence.

Biden: You ain't black if you have a lawyer or an accountant.

Biden: 'White supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.' Audience applause.

Biden understands.

Biden yelling during Memorial Day speech.

'I love those barrettes in your hair.. she looks like she's 19 years old.. with her legs crossed.'

'You are in defiance of Congress!' Rand Paul demands answers from SBA funding Planned Parenthood.

Flying into a rage Biden quotes Declaration of Independence but can't get to 'pursuit of happiness'.

Wth is she talking about?!