Interview with Jared from Guns and Gadgets

Stop Ranked Choice Voting Interview

These clowns want Roe v Wade to be the “law of the land” but they have NO IDEA what’s in it…LMAO

Navigating Desirability and Self Worth

KJP gets BRUTALLY fact-checked LIVE…proceeds to repeat lie AGAIN and AGAIN like a broken record

GOA Interview AMFEST 2023

NYC went from SANCTUARY CITY to NOT IN MY BACKYARD real quick, huh?

the lies are so blatant, the lie detector straight up died, came back to life and died again

“There is not a crime crisis in Washington, D.C.” and other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself

American Patriot Relief Interview

Interview With Sean From America Live on Loor TV

Just when I thought we’ve reached PEAK CLOWNWORLD, they go ahead and prove me WRONG…

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Biden got EXACTLY what he asked for…

CBS News quickly CUTS AWAY from Biden as he FALLS ASLEEP at Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s funeral

Chicago Mayor blames TX Governor for MIGRANT CRISIS instead of the guy actually responsible for it

When your brain takes a vacation…and DOESN’T come back

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