The actual end of YouTube? | MEME REVIEW #9

If you get fact checked you go to jail, good luck. #meme #memes #MemeReview

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30 thoughts on “The actual end of YouTube? | MEME REVIEW #9

  1. What I really hate about prescription drug commercials is that now they don't even tell you what disease it's for. It's just someone running in a field with balloons and a dog and, "Judervna may not be for everyone. It may cause diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, excessive sweat. In certain rare cases, people have had to have a limb amputated or died. Ask your doctor about Judervna."

    Well I sure as hell am not going to ask about a medicine that might kill me when I don't even know what the hell it's for. Does it allow you to run? Does it cure your dog or grass allergy? Does it cure cancer? No one knows.

    I guess it's psychological priming so that when your doctor suggests you take Judervna for your gout, you subconsciously picture running through a field with balloons and a dog. Judervna just sounds like happiness, so you take it.

    Then your foot falls off.

  2. These social media outlets are becoming clubs, organizations that if you don't speak and act like them you are not welcome. They are going to eventually lose half of their posters and their viewers because half of us do not agree.

  3. lol… Cops still need more training. When they're choking autistic men who didn't respond to them within 4 secs…. then yes, they need more training. Just sayin.

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