The Chief Master SGT of the Air Force is ruining Facebook

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The Command Master Sergeant of the Air Force has been butting heads with Airmen on Facebook more than any high ranking High Ranking Military member that comes to mind. It seemed to start with a smart comment from many “trolls” on her Facebook page asking her how to pronounce her name “Bass or Bass” which is said like the fish. Her response of “ill contact your chain of command and fix it” brought some criticism.

However it has seem to have gotten worse. An old post to her Facebook account glorifies a story written by an Airman that basically slanders another Airman. Being aware that was not the Highest ranking Enlistedman in the Air Force’s intent it still smeared a one of her subordinates. Angry Drill SGT responds.


The Air Force’s new top enlisted leader won’t stand for any Facebook trolling

Chief Bass unfairly displaying Airmen’s family matters on Facebook from AirForce / /

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42 thoughts on “The Chief Master SGT of the Air Force is ruining Facebook

  1. If you’re having marriage troubles in the air force, ask you Chaplin about couples retreats. They do group therapy type stuff for couples and families. It really helped out my buddy and his lady.

  2. Can that pararescue guy not sue the master sergeant for slander, or libel, or whatever? Or do you give up such rights when you enlist? She needed to issue a retraction and apology.

  3. Since when do divorces only take 9 days? Hmmmm…..wonder why he left her?
    When I was active duty in the Army, back in the mid 80's, my active duty husband and I were given/signed up for(?) Joint Domicile, which meant if one of us came down on orders the other would come down on the same orders. We had two babies at that time and it assured us we would all stay together.

  4. I am an Airman currently serving in the Air Force and this story just pisses me off beyond all belief. This girls "story" about her husband gives every man and woman, who has ever put on the Air Force uniform, a bad rep. Worst part is that this happened to a guy in my shop while we were deployed. He gets home, after an 8 month deployment, to find his wife has been cheating on him with a guy my buddy thought was a friend.

  5. The female is lying when she says a divorce is final in 9 days. Even in states where you can download the forms off the internet and it's non contested, you still have to make an in-person court appearance after a predefined waiting period. Usually between 30 and 60 days.

  6. Sounds like the hats are bags of tricks and the whole hat metaphor thing isn't really meant to be taken literally unless someone is a child for God's sakes

  7. If one is having marriage issues, try a licensed therapist. Chaplains are typically not licensed therapists. That being said, keeping private life off Facebook is a good start.

  8. The lady holding this paygrade needs to step down for a willful bad brief to, well, everybody. Plus, I don't care if a PJ sounds like a dirt bag–it's hard to be domestic after that kind of training pipeline. Plus, those Demon Killer PJs fought their butts off to save my life, so I'm a little partial. But how do you get to be the Chief Master SGT of the Airforce without doing homework? I can only imagine the command climate of the Airforce under her–probably soft as the black velvet art that I used to see framed and sold at truck stops. I was Army and we had this little Creed that contained this: Competence is my watchword. What do they say in the Airforce? Or is it just that they don't believe it because no one's setting the example. But I could fix this problem if that woman would just pick up a rifle and follow me.

  9. If I dressed up as my personal hero and role model "Mr. Dirtbag Private" for Halloween would I be stealing valor? I mean is private Private even in the military? I feel like he might just be Jesus Christs inbred great great great great great great great grandson, and they let him on base just because he brings cigarettes and energy drinks.

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