The First Space Force DIRT BAG Gets Counseled!!!!

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The Space Force has finally done it! One within their ranks has royally screwed up and that “Guardian’s” counseling statement has made its way across the internet. Poor Space force Guardian skipped his remedial Physical Training session after already being a fat body. His response to skipping his workout is what landed him in hot water. Dirt Bag Private adds his two cents on what the young military member should have done and how to properly sham in the future.


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44 thoughts on “The First Space Force DIRT BAG Gets Counseled!!!!

  1. When you have more likes then views it explains why I didn't get the notification yet my notifs are set to all. Found this video on my homepage instead. Amazing thanks YouTube.

  2. putting in my application for transfer to the space force. Im a shitbag 25C working in the S6 shop.i cant wait to get a AR15 in the space force. i want to be the first.

  3. I still think the military should allow more overweight people to join- I don't mean full enlist fuck no, if they aren't physically capable they shouldn't be anywhere near anything involving lives, both taking and saving but I feel like with the military budget of the US the way it is they could curb their obesity crisis by having their citizens rotate into the military and shed it off. It would teach them self respect on top of good health habits and instill confidence. Something I feel like would help inspire the men who are actually fighting to want to keep fighting, to protect people who deserve it instead of motherfuckers who want to eat in front of a camera so people can wack off to them and get hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it while better human beings are dying bogged down in global conflict and strife.

  4. He actually said โ€œYolo PS5 > letter of disciplineโ€, meaning the PS5 is better than the counseling he was gonna get, he was fully aware his anal cavities were going to be worked.

  5. Hang on a gosh darn minute….isn't this Pvt Redacted still in Space Force basic training? If so, HTF do you miss anything? When I was in Army basic we were led around by our nose hairs 24/7 so could not possibly be late for anything, EVER, least of all our appointed timed PT test!!!! Also, isn't it the failure of Pvt Redacted DI's if he misses morning PT and so is not in shape enough to pass, let alone show up for, his PT test? Just sayin'. Texting your NCO Yolo….that would be your well deserved death knell in the Army.

  6. Why does the Space Cadet Force even need a PT test or physical standards anyway? It's not like they will be personally engaging in combat operations in the first place. The most physically strenuous jobs in the Space Cadet Force are the intercontinental ballistic missile & warhead maintenance troops.

  7. How did he NOT get an Article 15 ? He not only missed formation, but he basically told his NCO to piss off because he was busy trying to buy a toy ! His ass should have teeth marks all over it.

  8. You nail'd it with the cigarette and Drill/Platoon Sergeant…Fatbody gonna be like the red shirt Star Trek grunt that always got smoked in the first 5 minutes of Scotty beam'n their asses into a hostile environment,FNG's,smh!

  9. Idk why tf 1100 was the reported time. I slipped up in my pt test and passed but was at the line so I was given supplemental training… At 0400 every day of the week to include off duty hours. This was my air force base. Zero tolerance even if you technically pass. What a joke. Take time off to hunt for a console or be there for midnight release.

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