The New Arizona Audit Judge Is Worse

The New Arizona Audit Judge Is Worse

In a show of integrity, the democrats in Arizona pressured the audit judge to step down from the case because of a potential conflict of interests due to one of the new attorneys having a previous internship with the judge. To combat this the democrats found a judge that used to work for the same law firm that is behind these lawsuits.

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39 thoughts on “The New Arizona Audit Judge Is Worse

  1. Dunno if this is scary, or just somewhat funny but….the second you said “guess who this judge has ties to” I said The Clintons….what do you know a minute later you say Killary Clinton. Mrs Suicide them herself!!! And I’m not even suprised!!

    Fellow Patriots, if you pray, please pray in agreement with me….Heavenly father, speaking in the authority we have in Jesus name, let the tongues of all demonic individuals within and associated with the Clinton family be bound and twisted. When they attempt to speak our type lies their words won’t be allowed to come out clearly as their tongues are twisted from their evil words and actions. In Jesus name all those associated with or have knowledge of any evil actions taken by Clinton’s will not be allowed to have peace…their sleep won’t be fit and their mind will be troubled until they confess their actions before the multitude.
    Heavenly Father we ask these things so that the demonic forces working within this family be halted in their tracks! Using the authority you gave us to combat these demons we pray this. in agreement, in Jesus precious name. Place a hedge of Protection around all those working tirelessly to expose these demonic acts. Charge a legion of heavenly angels to stand guard at the property and inside the stadium in Arizona so no evil may penetrate. Cover each warrior for Christ working against the evil in our nation in the precious blood of Jesus. Thank you Father for giving us the strength, wisdom, and authority to continue battling against evil.

    Bless our nation and let revival break out as it never has before. I am praying, in agreement, with my brothers and sisters around our world because Your word says “where 2 or more gather in My name I am with them” and I stand on that promise. We give you all honor and praise in Jesus name. Amen and Amen

    Hallelujah! 🙏🏼 we will take our nation back as well as our world!! We have just begun to fight. I’m sorry if my prayer is long I hope that doesn’t deter you from praying. I’m a prayer warrior so I can go on & on… also when you can, pray out loud! There’s power in the spoken word! Jesus knows our hearts but the devil can only hear our words….use your words to slap him up a bit! God bless and protect each of you and I’m so honored to share this little spot on YouTube with so many amazing people 🙏🏼💜🇺🇸

  2. The Republicans should have seen the conflict objection coming. Based on the new judge’s ties to the firm supporting HRC, a top Dem player, he should be asked to recuse himself. But let me predict the future: The judge will refuse to recuse. Based on the leaks of fraud, he may suspend work on the audit until the process hearing, or gag communication about any findings. Ultimately, he will rule with the Dems, extending the long list of court bias and corruption. The real question is, in light of the continued inability of our system to verify a free and fair election, will the joint chiefs finally grow a pair and oversee the impartial audit of all contested states?.

  3. Judge Coury withdrew not because of pressure but because, he saw the name of one of the Lawyers for the Senate which had not appeared on earlier filings. He then realised he had a conflict and properly recused himself, nothing to do with the Democrats


  5. If that is the new judge, this could be over. That firm he associated with are blatant communists. There's a reason he is being put in that position. If anyone thinks he will be "impartial," they haven't been paying attention to what's been happening for the past six months.

  6. The dirty democrats and RINOs will try anything to get away with the election they stole! However, they don't realize that they can't out smart, out do or out anything God. Good will have His way. He is a God of the impossible!

  7. But, that's just it–there is little that they can "delete" and "shred" because most of the false ballots/tallies to support the final count, MUST remain, to validate the totals–and if those are fraudulent, then they can't eliminate them. It's like this–one has opened a bank account and deposited 1 million dollars to prove that they are a millionaire–however, the money deposited a counterfeit. An investigation to review the money, to determine if it is real legal tender or not is underway, but the counterfeiters can't withdrawal the fake money without exposing themselves, nor can they replace the fake money with real money when they have no real money (in this case, votes). The fake ballots, as well as all of the irregularities are there, because they proved something happened, and what happened resulted in Beijing Biden's victory–removing those things deprives the Usurper of his victory, which is why they oppose the audit to begin with–and only simply conducted "recounts" to pass them off as actual audits.

  8. Jan Brewer is a dem and is no good. The new Judge Worked at Hillary's law firm.Was a Napolitano appointment and Obama's HHS Czar.This is BS! The 100 Dem lawyers got this judge assigned.

  9. A leftist judge will never recuse himself. Their goal is probably to escalate this to the Supreme Court so that it can be dismissed just like all the other election integrity lawsuits.

  10. Why didn't they just get rid of the lawyer instead of the judge recused himself it don't make any sense course if you're trying to steal something that make sense

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