The Secret To Keeping A High Value Man

“I want you to feel the pressure every damn day”
“Play offense instead of defense all the time”

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36 thoughts on “The Secret To Keeping A High Value Man

  1. This guy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.. said ying it’s ok for a married man to cheat. You all know the devil is the biggest liar. there’s already a basic human nature to take care of your husband without feeding into this whole idea of making everything “perfect” at home and basically competing with society’s standards of women.. because that’s what your doing. Saying “ok you can go and cheat I’ll stay while you do so” and then competing with the next Female and “sharing” your spouse. This is wrong on all levels. Of course it’s good to stay on top of your household and take care of your husband. But do not share your bed. And do not try to compete with the world, but rather love yourself, and your husband just as Christ does. And remember that God tells us we are in the world but not of it. Meaning stay true to the spirit of God and listen to the spirit of God when you have a gut feeling you are hearing the devils lies. Stay true and vigilant.

  2. Most of these women believe that they shouldn't work to keep the relationship going once they get the ring and wedding. That's why they're insecure because complacency has set in.

  3. I bet most of these men in the comments playing call of duty right now while their wife cooks, cleans, and takes care of the children right after getting off of a full day of work.. and if that’s not the case then they have to bust a nut every 2 min because of all this garbage on social media. meanwhile these dudes on here claiming they high value.. I’m sure they have great qualities, but let’s be honest here there needs to be balance between husband and wife, a strength that comes only from God to stick it through marriage, and know what’s good in the world, and what to stay away from.. all this other go ahead and cheat if u want to mess, is straight garbage coming from the devils mouth himself.

  4. You are on a show with 765k subcribers and you have a towel on your head, speaking about how to keep a high value male and the response is work hard to keep him. Didn't even bother to prepare for the show🤔

  5. I once heard a female caller ask Dr. Laura how to handle her husband when he's grouchy and she can't figure out why. Dr. Laura responded, "It's simple. If he's not horny then make him a sandwich." The caller was speechless. Dr. Laura chastised the caller for overthinking the situation.

  6. Kevin from the beginning sitting in a power position directing her how sit correctly. It’s like training for dumb bitches . Bravo Kevin. You not only a scholar but also a gentlemen.

  7. I think KS is taking these women to school. He's trying to reset their brains, and have them think about relationships differently. All men should be able to pair up, this will require more women to come to terms with the unlikely result of them landing a whale catch of man. Most men and women are average. Most men will happily take an average woman, but most average women will not accept an average man. I feel like he's getting ready to tie it all together. As a man, you should be able to connect with a woman and build a life together but that is not what modern women want to do. They do not care about your struggles and wont join you in the hard work to get your brass ring. Women want to wait at the finish line and go home with the winner. They've no interest in investing their time to help build the winner.

  8. Here we go another pancake bonnet wearing long eye lashes will fry your ass some bacon in the morning looking ass women. Man come on ladies how dare you disrespect Kevin’s platform. Gots to do better. 🥞🥓

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