The Troops activated to D.C. are becoming Memes

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Whenever you gather thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines you get shenanigans. The large amount of Troops activated to Washington DC for Joe Biden’s Inauguration are no different. Angry Veteran picked out two of his favorites photos from the current event and breaks them down for you. One is a soldier with mis matching body armor looking at a jacked up weapon and the other is the largest soldier he has ever seen.

The views expressed on this page or any derivative therefrom are those of myself and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense, the New York Army National Guard, or U.S. Government. ~ A.C.


38 thoughts on “The Troops activated to D.C. are becoming Memes

  1. Seeing the mr.blob made me kinda sad because i want to join the army, but yet im fat, ive tried dieting, shit sucked, tried surgery my state didnt let it happen, tried working out, now i rlyl dont know what to do man.

  2. But Hy, standards disproportionately discriminate against people of color, and people not of color, and women, and men, and transgenders, and anyone else not mentioned, that has a hard time with standards. We are a gentler, kinder, Army of equity…we are diverse and inclusive of fat useless lard too!

  3. So um how do you count his pushups? I am just wondering with a gut that big does it leave the ground when prone? I struggled with PT but it was in one category running which was later found out I had asthma. but no way in active duty did I ever see anyone close to this even in my remedial PT classes(again for failing runs).

  4. Ahhh,,, excuse me Drill Instructor,, I request and activate permission to speak freely. My dude, Mario, really hahahahaha, you are a truly funny fucker and I can imagine the funny shit you have said as D.I… Sergeant Stripes they give me class, He just likes to kick our ass, sound off 1 , 2…We are 1st platoon and we like to party Party Hardy,, party hardy all night long ,, you know the drill. As you were WHHOOOAAHHH

  5. I did 3 years active duty. My unit was high speed. Got out and joined the reserves….most of them got their shit together and they came back from deployment shortly before I came in but some of them are just lost causes

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