These Cops Have Big Hearts

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Cops get a bad name in today’s world. Here are some examples of police officers with big hearts.

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30 thoughts on “These Cops Have Big Hearts

  1. I was beaten savagely by 5 cops from the 75th precinct in East NY in Brooklyn a ways back. And it wasn't the only dangerous run in with them. As bad as it was, I did not let that make me bitter or hateful towards all police. I am smart enough to know there are plenty of good ones out there. We need them, weather you will accept that or not. The system is far from perfect and needs some reform. Too many people want a perfect system. But we live in an imperfect world and there will be some kinks to work out as we try to change and develop a just and fair system for all.

  2. Why don't we see this more often on the evening news!!! Why? Because they want to divide us!! And by the looks of it ,it's working!! Look at the bigger picture!!

  3. BUT BLM says they are all bad…..they are killers…this must be Fake news you are showing…after all people are all bad…never good. Good people are liberals and BLM …as i am being told everyday by CNN

  4. "It's not about what you do when others are watching. It's all about what you do when no one is watching" Police Officer Keith Boyer to his children, Whittier, California. EOW 02-20-2017

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