Things Women Don’t Understand | HUGE Problems!


Timestamps provided by Good Men
Intro 0:00
Show Start: 16:07

The Godfather gives his monologue 22:56

Money World 🌎💃🏿💰: 47:39

First Caller: 52:31 19y/o asks The Godfather’s advice regarding her career path and dating.

Second Caller: 1:45:41 27y/o asks if she’s behind in her career path?

Third Caller: 1:48:20 Dr. Lucia👩🏻‍⚕️ calls in regarding the first caller’s career path.

The Godfather talks to the Ladies about being flexible and we go into Overtime⌛! 1:54:46

The Godfather talks about relationships and ghosting at the age of over 30! 2:02:21

Fourth Caller: 2:15:30 34y/o woman calls in to apologize to The Godfather?
Says she emasculated her date?😳

Fifth Caller: 2:23:07 calls in to get The Godfather’s perspective on her husband’s perception of her weight gain during her marriage, The Godfather gets honest with her!

End of the Show: 3:07:52