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“You’ll never outperform your belief systems”

Intro: 0:00

Show Starts 🎥: 15:08

Fragrance and Candle of the Evening: 18:38

The Godfather starts his monologue: 19:31

The Godfather reviews an interview of the lie sold to women: 29:48

Money World 💃🏾💰🌎: 1:08:14

First Caller: 1:12:01 25 y/o speaks about what she was told in school about women beating men at everything?

Second Caller: 1:15:30 46y/o single woman says she lived the feminist propaganda and was lied to.

Third Caller: 1:16:38 39y/o woman says Feminism is at it’s peak and people are recognizing it’s failures.

Fourth Caller: 1:19:19 25y/o woman says she can’t find marriageable BM around her?

Fifth Caller: 1:23:46 27 y/o woman cuts off.

Sixth Caller: 1:25:33 “Pookie Mookie” Caller from previous show calls in. Acts extremely immature.

Seventh Caller: 1:28:38 Married woman for 13 years, Says How does the narrative change?

Eight Caller: 1:31:40 40 y/o married woman asks a bunch of questions on High Value, Over weight women etc?

Ninth Caller 1:37:01 doesn’t turn YouTube off.

Tenth Caller: 1:38:09 42y/o woman says she wanted to get married and have an education got an education but never married. Wonders what went wrong?
The Godfather investigates.🧐 Refuses to accept reality.

Eleventh Caller: 1:42:33 asks what the problem with women getting their PhD and Relationship simultaneously is?

1:44:35 Ninth Caller calls back, 30 y/o woman says exposure is more detrimental than propaganda. Blames Computers?
Can’t answer if she wants to have children? The Godfather speaks on feminine energy.

Twelfth Caller: 1:56:16 36 y/o says she has No real experience dating?! and she’s only been asked out by BM once?!

Thirteenth Caller: 1:59:53 Caller tries to give advice to women who say they don’t have time to date?

Fourteenth Caller: 2:00:08 Caller speaks on The Godfather helping her with her new relationship?

Fifteenth Caller: 2:01:23 22y/o woman says she’s fat and actively trying to lose weight but would like to know when to start dating while losing it?

Sixteenth Caller: 2:03:59 40 y/o single and childless woman says BW need to look at other races of women on how they can keep a man?
The Godfather investigates!

Seventeenth Caller: 2:12:31 Engaged woman in a 50/50 relationship says times have changed! and The Godfather can’t compare modern women to old school women back then?!

End of the show/The Godfather summarizes the show: 2:17:55

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