Trump Jr: Here’s What Comes Next for Our Amazing Movement; We’re Not Done Yet | Facts Matter

In a new video from Donald Trump Jr., he lays out what comes next for the movement started by his father.

According to a new report from America’s customs agency: China has sent over 12 million counterfeit masks. And that’s BTW, only the ones we know about.

Furthermore, the agency also announced that last year, over 800K pounds of illegal narcotics were intercepted at the southern border. However, with the new policies from the Biden Administration, one deputy said that things are getting worse.

Over in Washington DC, left-wing activists marched through the streets while marching “Burn It Down.” We obtained video footage of them clashing with the police.


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Trump Jr: Here’s What Comes Next for Our Amazing Movement; We’re Not Done Yet | Facts Matter
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35 thoughts on “Trump Jr: Here’s What Comes Next for Our Amazing Movement; We’re Not Done Yet | Facts Matter

  1. What do you think President Trump will do until 2022? Anything else besides endorsing different congressional candidates? 🤔
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  2. I'm a Reagan Era Conservative, but that technology is not invasive and you're not physically ripping through someone's luggage, car, or person, so I don't have a problem with it.

  3. If the zero curse hit Joe that young femail eagle 🦅 how spoke her wings by laws she psat is her record. REALLY her wings she speaks. If the first woman preasdant will be bad for the USA. The ramlation of a religious practice will be upon armed, the AI QUANTUM SERPERCOMPUTERS spying on there owen killing those that honer a nother god king of China the the dragon king is trying to take over usa. Russia, muslims, pope said bethel victor of christ (in the place of christ) he the one world order religon leader. Obama said we are all cooking the same mountain just different sides and we are all going to heaven. China reretten the bible saying jesus killed a woman and took mary-maglen and left secretly and stared a family. The 🐉 of tree of good and evil wood no to worship his tree, good to worship him and of you do not you will die. He shood no he plant it. In his maker garden. WOW SORRY DRAGON KING THE WATCHER THAT WATCHED AND FALLOWED THE TRUTH SAID YOU KILLED THE CHRIST FALLOWER'S YOU JUST LIKE A 🐉 ☠️ THEM AND FALLOWS OUR HISTORY YOU BLESSED WITH ☠️ THE 🐉 KING PLEASED TO KILL THAT DISAGREE WITH YOU 🐉 KING.

  4. As far as “Made in China” products which generally are low quality crap, I disagree with the graphic of an oval gold label with black print. It correctly should be downgraded to a black oval with white lettering.

  5. Deep State Globalist, World Banks and Stock Market is lining up American Citizens like Ducks of a Fence, 2021 year of the Market Crashing, US Dollar falling, Run on Banks and Joe Biden bankrupting the American Economy? Third World Countries are overthrown through force, but American People go willingly. This current event is not the normal, and can only be compared to the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Biden Administration in 2021 will be Americas Fidel Castro Cuba Moment, RIP US Constitution.🙏‍‍

  6. I drove an 18 wheeler, for a while, and when I left Laredo, Texas, I had to drive my tractor trailer through one of the x-ray stations. Being so close to the Mexican boarder, I completely understand and had no problem doing it. I had nothing to hide.

  7. 1. There is NO medical basis for wearing face masks to “protect” against any virus.

    2. There is NO medical basis for a six foot space to “be safe” of any bio-entity.

    3. There is NO medical basis for placing all citizens under house arrest to “be safe”.

    Viruses are sub-microscopic measuring 100 microns in size. There are 1,000,000 microns in one millimeter. Any virus can easily pass through a face mask, as a small bird, like a finch, would fly through an open double wide garage door. In previous influenza events doctors have never recommended using masks because they are ineffective and only create a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY!!

    The only reason for six foot spacing between individuals originates from top secret military black operations. Members of a small team would have an RFID chip inserted just under their skin somewhere on their body. When on a mission the team members could be viewed via satellite as long as the team members remained six feet from each other. If team members are closer than six feet, the satellite could not distinguish individuals.  This spacing is not a problem for these black ops teams because the mission tasks of team members will see them 10, 15 or 20 feet or more apart. Teams also prefer greater distances to reduce their target density to the enemy.

    The concept of being under house arrest inside your own home has little or no effect on the spread of any virus. What it does do is to keep the population isolated from each other, from their environment, from co-mingling. This affects the human immune system by decreasing its activity and protective defenses. If we are not exposed to the normal environment that we were prior to house arrest, our immune system will be severely reduced in its effectiveness to protect us. When house arrest is lifted and everyone goes back to being normally social, people will be once again exposed to pathogens they had been previously protected against, without any protection. The death rate will soar by hundreds of thousands, the older you are, the more existing compromising medical conditions you have, the more vulnerable you will be.

    Not only are all these protocols of no use with respect to viruses, they are also unconstitutional, illegal!!

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the Deep State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the Deep State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the Deep State.”

    — Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister

  8. What else did they sent us over here that's fake? Have they sent anything else that is meant to make us sick?And what might that be?was that 25 tons of fentanyl they caught going to Mexico included?

  9. That's the first thing I said about masks being brought in from China. After releasing this virus, what makes you think they will safely make masks to protect us from this virus. And the US is accepting the masks.

  10. I hope people realize President Trump doesn't have to be in the White House to drain the swamp. Dems will have advanced TDS after President Trump speaks at CPAC this weekend.

  11. In public I'm subject to a visual examination the government has no business looking under my clothes were ive got my wife's pantyhose on and a vibrator in places things shouldn't be what I'm doing is not for anyone too know

  12. I believe The President will keep all promises ; The President is being led by God. Just as in Scripture God many times. Elected by God for God’s Purposes. The Purpose is for President Trump to cleanse The World and then turn to the Churches to lead the Greatest Revival in the History of America. The Season harvest souls for God-the remnant before the Rapture.

  13. Course it’s an invasion intrusion it’s a violation of of my civil rights we’re guaranteed the constitution against illegal search and seizure they have to have probable cause surging without probable cause it would invalidate anything they found in any case I I get it subjecting you do a search when you enter some kind of secure, Bob that’s on you you can choose not to but using it on people driving past checkpoints in Washington DC is a violation of their civil rights it’s no different than simply pulling everybody over and searching bear cars it’s no different than listening in on phone calls without a warrantSo different from searching someone’s cell phone without a warrant which yeah all the Supreme Court already ruled that you got to have a warrant how it’s no different than entering my house and just looking for something to bus before without a warrant

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