Trump Reacts to Supreme Court Decision to Let Prosecutors Obtain His Taxes | Facts Matter

The Supreme Court rejected to hear a slew of Election-related lawsuits, which (according to Clarence Thomas) leaves the constitutional and legal issues in limbo.

The Supreme Court also ruled that NY State investigators can get access to President Trumpโ€™s taxes – something that Trump is calling a continuation of a political Witch Hunt.

Meanwhile, Democrat House members have been sending official letters to TV carriers throughout the country, urging them to drop conservative news outlets, like Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax. However, the director of the FCC is not having it.


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Trump Reacts to Supreme Court Decision to Let Prosecutors Obtain His Taxes | Facts Matter
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50 thoughts on “Trump Reacts to Supreme Court Decision to Let Prosecutors Obtain His Taxes | Facts Matter

  1. Since the Supreme Court rejected to hear these cases… what do you think the future of elections in America will be like? ๐Ÿค”
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  2. It seems that when democrats accuse you of a crime , youre automatically guilty until proven president. Trump needs to sue these prosecutors for harassment . Including pelosi, schumer, nadler, shiff.

  3. Hey Roman, this may be off topic but i read today that Nancy Pelosi's husband owns 60% of Dominion. Is there anything to this? This would be rather concerning if it were true.

  4. Americans, let us demand tax returns for Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell. They are elected officials, we should be able to make them transparent. Would love to know how much they are being paid by the Chinese Communist Party!

  5. JUST like LOW-LIFE CRIMINAL DEMOSCAB'S IMAGINE that CORRUPT CROOKED NYC Mayor DeBlasio & D/BAG NYS A.G. Leticia James REFUSES to investigate DeBlasio's using $1.8 Billion frim NYC and not turning over any RECORDS of WTF happened to the CASH?? Leticia James is going after P.TRUMP'S TAX RETURNS WOW?

  6. That is a very good help for house owner ,because we look at the pictures of the Country and Nations,the criminal activitist are the billionears politics,who created lies and hack people privacy and steal their money and wealth,because most of the rich billionears are the most dangrrous chemical engineer in the Country and Nations,they murderer and terrorist,paying innocent poor people to do their dirty bloody money job,but just collected and run around pretending.they good but they are burnings fire in Hell

  7. Serious deception and hate in the world! Escape the world! Donโ€™t lose your love! Guard your heart and keep loving others no matter what. God loves us, and His love is shown through Christโ€”His Son.
    May God richly bless you in His Sonโ€™s name!

  8. Donald j. Trump won the election, The fascist party aka democrats cheated thru ballot harvesting, crooked voting machines, and bribery. I personally seen video evidence of it!

  9. Every millionaire and billionaire should also have their taxes investigated. This is fair play. Dont only go after the former president. What about the skeletons in the present president's closet. Do you Democrats have a conscience.?

  10. this whole not commenting on something when epoch times makes an inquiry needs to be dealt with by means other than traditional venues. We the people are being ignored and it will end cause your catching the attention of the people that just want to be left alone now

  11. Im sorry but we need to realize La Revolucion against DC and the Globalist Elites is our only answer to take back our freedoms, lives and our futures.

  12. Trump doesn't "do" his own taxes. He has accounting firms that do them. What's the point of all this? The taxation office are the only ones that should be interested in them. This is purely a "witch-hunt" and an act of desperation by the Demoncrats.

  13. The country is gone! With the help of some republicans the left took over and now the only protection that "We The People" could have was the Supreme Court, but as anyone can see, it is gone as well.

  14. We also need to see Obama's, Clinton's, Pelosi 's , Pelosi's family, Biden' s Biden's family, Schumer's, And all of the others as well . They know ours .

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