'Twitter Files' explores 'Russian Bots' claim; Special Requirements for Handling Biden Docs: Ruskin

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00:00 NTD News Today—1/13/2023
01:44 Special Counsel Probes Biden Classified Docs
03:53 Different Levels of Classification Explained
05:00 Comparing Trump and Biden’s Classified Docs
05:39 Biden Docs Could Have Been ‘No Foreign’
06:28 Robert Hur: Biden Documents Investigator
08:51 Some ‘Russiagate’ Allegations Made Up: Report
10:52 Iowa Woman Charged with Voter Fraud
11:45 Severe Storms Wreak Havoc on Southern U.S.
14:01 Rising Salinas River Threatens More Flooding
14:52 FAA Blames Human Error for System Meltdown
15:38 Senators Press Southwest over Cancellations
16:41 Workers Filling In Gaps in AZ Border Wall
17:19 Adding Tighter Regulations on Digital Money
17:52 IRS Sets Jan. 23 as Start to 2023 Tax Season
18:42 UFO Reports Rise to 510
20:18 Earth-Sized Planet Found in Habitable Zone
22:43 Death Surges Reach Rural Areas in China
23:59 China Flight Bookings at 15% Pre-COVID Levels
24:45 More Chinese Quit CCP as COVID Deaths Mount
26:39 From ‘Little Pink’ Nationalist to Anti-CCP Group Leader
29:16 FBI Ads Warn of CCP’s Repression in U.S.
30:00 France Fines TikTok $5.4M for Online Tracking
31:22 Video Captures Ukrainian Troops Firing
32:13 Russia Blames Armenia for Ending Peace Talks
33:05 Germany on Poland Sending Tanks to Ukraine
33:48 Scots Face Major Cost for Net Zero Goal
36:53 UK: 3 Million Ran Out of Credit on Prepayment Energy Meter Last Year
37:55 Strike by 100K Civil Servants to Go Ahead
38:31 French Stock Up on Camping Stoves, Generators
42:49 Europe’s Biggest Deposit of Rare Earth Metals
43:26 Chile: $4M Worth of Copper Stolen from Port
44:18 Newark Liberty Airport Opens Its New Terminal
45:40 Firms 3D Print Two-Story Houston Home
48:25 Skiers Return to Arlberg amid High Inflation
50:53 Noodles Quickly Freeze Solid in Siberia
51:22 NBA Great Nowitzki Plays Tennis with World No. 13
52:36 Novak Djokovic Entertains at Charity Match
53:43 Eating Fat to Stay Healthy?
56:14 Brazil: Funny Video of Shop Mishap Goes Viral

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#TwitteFiles #’RussianBots #SpecialRequirements #HandlingBidenDocs #Ruskin

‘Twitter Files’ explores ‘Russian Bots’ claim; Special Requirements for Handling Biden Docs: Ruskin