TX Gov. Abbott RIPS Biden for Going MONTHS Putting the Border Crisis on the Back Burner

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Reagan McCarthy from Townhall reports, Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) had harsh words for Joe Biden’s absence at the southern border. Neither Biden nor Kamala Harris, who was designated to deal with the border crisis, have visited the southern border to witness the crisis.

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46 thoughts on “TX Gov. Abbott RIPS Biden for Going MONTHS Putting the Border Crisis on the Back Burner

  1. Biden isn't really in charge, China is. Their goal is to bring more people into the US from the third world without being properly vetted and release them into this country to rely on welfare and other aid while being counted like citizens. This will increase income inequality in America and give Democrats a bigger platform to make major changes to the country. It also further dissolves America's standing in the world and allows their Chinese masters more leverage to overtake us. Wake up people. We are facing an enemy like we never have before.

  2. Adrenochrome, most expensive drug on! More of an elixir! Drained from kidnapped and missing children! Their name, date of birth, blood type, country of origin! Date of death! Thousands of files of these missing children, have been exposed and were posted on Gab 🐸!

  3. It’s way past time to SECEED!! We need to close the borders all Around Texas, not just the southern border. We have far too many people coming here from California and NY that will
    Attempt to turn Texas into the same liberal rat holes they just left. Austin is already gone. It’s now being run and ruin by a large group of socialists from NY.

  4. We have a VP in charge of the border who has yet to visit the border where a border crisis is occurring. Thanks to Biden we have border wall materials and equipment sitting idle at a cost to tax payers of 6 million a day. The Biden Administration is EO its way to gets us back to the 16 year plan and the Obama era agenda to make up for the four years lost due to Trump being in office. Biden and Harris do not want to take any action on the Border because they want new voters in the country.

  5. Hispanic Americans many of them Catholic wear I love Biden t-shirts do they realize Biden is okay with killing babies in the womb?

  6. Biden doesn't care about the Democrat voters that are upset, he's getting millions of new voters coming over the wall this year alone. Buckle up for the next 3 1/2 years.

  7. Close the border!!! Biden regime is corrupt! Biiden/Harris does not uphold the constitution!!! Destroying America!!! 🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸

  8. It’s time Texas secures it’s Border and deal with the children in its detention centers. Waiting on Biden is useless.

    Govn Abbott, finish the wall along Texas border and send the kids and illegals back home. It’s in humane to keep these kids in detention. Send them back home

  9. Biden did everything he could to UNDO EVERYTHING TRUMP DID … HE'S EVEN SCREWING with Foreign. Countries making them mad raising TAXES President Trump sitting in mar lar go SHAKING HIS HEAD SAYING I TOLD YOU …….

  10. •I am a registered Democrat from NY🍎•How about we take care of our American Vets first? 🇺🇸🙏•if u cannot take care of ur own children keep ur legs crossed until such time that u can!?🤷‍♀️•why the US taxpayers! Why don’t any of the Latin countries pick up the slack!?

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