WARLORD of the Manosphere | Presidential Interview with Cobra Tate | 21 News

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00:00 Interview Trailer
01:27 Why is Tate in Florida?
02:46 Tate on 2020
07:05 Tate on stupid masks
13:06 The State of American Women
15:14 The Best Women in the World
17:44 Tate on Racism in America
20:13 Tate talks about Donald Trump
22:48 Tate on Trump 2024
25:54 How much longer do you think Biden will remain president?
26:24 Who’s worse, Kamala or Hillary?
27:18 What do you think of the capitol riots?
29:00 Tate on Pat Stedman
32:40 Tate on Romantic Love
36:00 Tate on Hypergamy
38:50 Tate on manosphere “dating experts”
44:00 Tate’s take on those red pill alpha males
49:53 Tate on the importance of honor among men
53:30 Tate on LUCK
57:55 “The world is full of evil”
01:01:00 Tate on “the great reset”
01:05:35 Tate on 2020
01:08:50 Is Tate going to fight again?
01:12:00 Tate on CONFLICT among men
01:23:45 What’s in Tate’s future plans?

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