Washington Forum: 'Strategic Ambiguity' Policy and Taiwan—Part 3, David Wallace | NTD News

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Communist China flew a record number of military aircraft into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, raising serious warnings earlier this month of potential military attacks.

Many Washington insiders believe that the United States should be ready to help defend Taiwan when the Chinese Communist Party attacks. But others argue that the United States must avoid war with China over Taiwan at all costs, as America should refuse to be drawn into a war with Beijing.

President Joe Biden said in a CNN Town Hall on Oct. 21 that the United States would defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack. However, the White House later clarified that the U.S. policy of “strategic ambiguity” had not changed.

Is Taiwan ready to defend its democratic land militarily? Is this a critical time to reevaluate the policy of “strategic ambiguity”? Will the United States sell more weapons to Taiwan to further equip and train the military of the island? Join us in this Washington forum for a discussion on U.S.–Indo-Pacific strategies and cross-strait affairs.


Miles Maochun Yu, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institute
Former Principal China Policy Advisor to Secretary of State Pompeo

Joseph A. Bosco

Fellow, Institutes for Corean-American Studies, and Taiwan-America Studies Member of Advisory Board, Global Taiwan Institute
Former China Country Director for the Secretary of Defense

David Wallace

President, Fair Energy Foundation
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Washington Forum: ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ Policy and Taiwan—Part 3, David Wallace