White Bar Owner Attacks Black Female College Student

Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans, 19, from Joliet, Illinois, was recruited by Quincy University in Quincy, Illinois to play college basketball. Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans is in her first semester at the private liberal arts school about 300 miles outside of Chicago. Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans is an all-state prep hoops star with dreams to become a geneticist. On Sunday, April 4, 2021, Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans traveled to The Barn, a riverfront nightclub which is a short distance from campus. According to Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans, she was standing near the DJ Booth right beside a white female who was standing in nearly in the same spot doing the exact same thing as Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans. The 6’5″ 250 lb. white bar owner, Steve Homan, came towards Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans where Steve Homan pushed her up against the wall. Steve Homan put Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans in a full chokehold where she lost consciousness for five minutes. Steve Homan threw Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans’ lifeless body outside of the bar/restaurant. When the Quincy Police Department arrived on the scene, they did not offer to give Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans any medical aid. Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans actually approached the Quincy Police Department first and told them that she had been attacked by the bar/restaurant owner and had bleeding and obvious abrasions to her face. The Quincy Police Department never asked for her name and did NOT arrest Steve Homan. Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans received medical aid at the hospital for the injuries she sustained as a result of the attack on her. Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans ended up with a concussion and two black eyes along with abrasions to the face. Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans and her family hired Attorney Saulter from Chicago to represent her in the lawsuit against Steve Homan. In the lawsuit, Jazzpher “Jazz” Evans alleges she was targeted because she is black and Attorney Saulter spells out in the lawsuit that this should be considered a hate crime. The Quincy Police Department issued a statement saying that they are thoroughly and carefully investigating this incident and state that while they understand that justice should be swift they are working with the state’s attorney’s office in this case. I will be interested to see which way this case will go. Thanks for watching!