White Man Attacked by Illegal Immigrant/Racist Reporter

White man gets brutality beaten by an illegal immigrant and his Black friend defends him from the Univision reporter calling him racist. Generations of Blacks were misled voting democrat. The cities Democrats ran for decades have become violence-filled regions for Black ethnic cleansing. Meanwhile, “White Privilege” promoting Democrats assumed they could take our vote for granted.

The Socialist Mainstream Media news networks of MSNBC CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, the Democrat Party-Controlled Univision network would rather accuse those who love America enough to protect its borders as Racist than realize that the vast majority of Americans Black, White, and Latino do not want people coming to America illegally just because the Democrat Party feels the need to recruit more uninformed, low information voters to vote for their Socialist dictatorial styled government that never ever sought to resolve to the concerns of the American voter. The reason liberal Democrats always accuse their opponents as racists is because the Democrats have ALWAYS used race to keep the American divided and distracted away from holding their Democrat Leaders accountable for their incompetent leadership and failed policies. Most democrats are left behaving childish by name-calling, making light of reality, making empty lofty promises that they never keep, mindless slogans, making vacuous speeches without specifics or solutions to problems, because Democrat politicians INSULT THEIR OWN VOTERS INTELLIGENCE by assuming that such behavior is all that it takes to get out their vote and they assume that their voters are too lazy, apathetic, and stupid to hold liberal leaders accountable for lying and failing to meet expectations.

No wonder voters young and old of every race are leaving the democrat party, because America’s are sick and tired of failed unaccountable leaders, who talk a big game but deliver nothing at the end, only to have them insult our intelligence by using false racist accusations and fabricated FALSE-NARRATIVES against others to keep us all feeling disenfranchised and forever marginalized. That’s why Barack Obama and the Democrat Party has decided to abandon Blacks and their vote in America after USING US to keep them in power for decades for the 12 million illegal Immigrant vote so that our vote won’t collectively matter just like our Black Lives never Mattered to Democrat city leaders. Democrat leaders never delivered on their promises just like some slick, shiny shoe, visiting snake oil salesman and turn black males within our Democrat-controlled cities into an endangered species. WATCH this Black American man expose the race-baiting scam this liberal democrat Univision reporter was playing on her Latino viewers. NOTE: This news footage never made it on the National evening news.