Wild Fight In Restaurant Over Masks

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Watch this fight in a restaurant go haywire when a man doesn’t want to wear a mask.

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22 thoughts on “Wild Fight In Restaurant Over Masks

  1. The people wearing masks have clearly gone without oxygen for too long. There logic seems legit. 🙄 this virus is SOOOOOO dangerous that you need a mask and need to distance UNTIL you see someone without a mask, then it's let's breath heavy all over the person while touching them…..ya. its SO dangerous……🙄🙄🙄🙄

  2. I love how they get up in people's faces for not wearing a mask. If it were about safety and not about an excuse to push somebody around, you'd think they'd keep their distance.

    I love the ones where you're walking down a path in the park and the person coming the other direction freaks out. Hold your breath for 5 seconds or step off the path if you're that pathological. But no. This is their one chance to strike out at somebody for being WRONG.

  3. Ppl so scared. So much fear. And for what? We all die. Imagine walking thru life afraid of ur own shadow. If a business wants to refuse my money because i don't wear a mask, so be it. I'll never raise hell over that. But anyone who thinks they are gonna put hands on me because i don't wear a mask, you're gonna get hurt. Promise that.

  4. A piece of cloth helps to stop a microscopic organism ???? All idiots!!! All idiots! I bet wearing t-shirt could help prevent a .357 magnum bullet to if dr fauci told you it would! All idiots!!! Lmfao

  5. Amazing these three 30 somethings getting worked by a seasoned citizen.

    Avoid the soy, wake up early, hit gym. Youll save yourself some embarassment.

  6. The supermaskers are insane, most of them don't even understand the concept of how they help or don't. But like i've said from the beginning the social divide the masks create and the fighting over it are going to be far worse than the virus. I know people who lost friends just because of where they stand on masks. Now you have giant fences up in society between mask and non mask people and vax and non vax people. Add a dash of growing racism in a time that a "movement" has risen up to try to stop it (which in turn has created more) and pretty much everyone will hate each other for one reason or another.

  7. Boycott all places of business where they do things like this. Let them all go out of business. Don't allow them to open new stores in areas where the restrictions have been lifted. Show them that we don't allow extremists to have businesses in our country. We need to change the Constitution so that only patriots can have rights in our nation. These violent extremists shouldn't have any rights at all.

  8. Check the wording of this video "tensions have been high between "ANTI-MASKERS" (note the nickname) and strict mask wearers". Tucker Carlson is one of them. He's controlled opposition.

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on the planet just died? then it could be left to animals with actual intelligence and the world would be a better place. I mean , there wouldn’t be books and medicine and civilisation and the Sistine chapel and all that , but at least the whales and tuna and dolphins and orangutans would be ok for a while. People are stupid.

  10. Geez the owners could get arrested for assault. I hope they do. Especially if they had not fought back. They could refuse service but not put hands on people like that.

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