Establishment Freaks as UnJabbed Reject Shame & Identify as Pureblood

Border Officials Say SCREW Biden No-Fly Zone & Take Reporters In Chopper

Mask Cuck Karen Stalks Woman In Target Like a Body Snatcher

NBA Won't Force Players to Jab But Referees and Staff Must

Nicki Minaj Slays MSNBC Experimental Injection Pusher

Public Servant AOC Wears 'Tax the Rich' Dress to $30k Per Ticket Event

Kids Wearing MAGA Gear Troll Demented Joe Biden In Awesome Picture

Transgender Fighter Beats the Crap Out of Female Opponent

George Bush Attacks MAGA Americans on 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Biden's Admin Admits Forced Injections Are Only For Americans Not Illegals

Joe Biden Thinks He Can Medically R@pe 100 Million Tax Payers

Rose McGowan Vows to Bring Down Those Lizard People Clintons

Trump Fans Heckle & Shout at Biden While He Tours Jersey Flood Damage

Crowds in Stadiums Across America Are Chanting F-CK Joe Biden

Dr. Fauci's Image Laundering With Documentary Is Going Horrible

Israel Is Planning to Start Administering FOURTH Coof Shot

Horse Dewormer Overdoses Overwhelm Hospitals Was Fake News

Fully Vaxed Oscar De La Hoya Ends Up In Hospital With Coof

Lefties Super Upset Joe Rogan Didn't Die After Taking "Horse Drug"

Antifa Teacher on the Run Claims He Fears For His Safety

Man Urinates On Dairy Queen Counter Over Mask Mandate Policy

Joe Biden Celebrates As He Strands 24 Students in Afghanistan

Truck Carrying Moderna Jabs Crashes – Dept Of Defense in Hazmat Show Up

Antifa Get Beat Up (again) In California & Run To Cops For Help

Teacher Removes American Flag & Has Kids Pledge to lgbtq Flag Instead

Rogue Team of Retired US Vets Rescue Afghan Allies Behind Biden's Back!

Joe Biden Gives Taliban Hit List of Stranded Americans To Kill

Twin Bombs Go Off Killing US Soldiers & Biden Admin Goes Into Hiding

Diner Posts $50 Mask Mandate Surcharge & Is Immediately Out of Business

Taliban Is Having Sex With Dead Bodies As Joe Biden Flees Afghanistan

75 "Exhausted" Doctors Stage Protest Against Anti Experimental Jabbers

Jail Begins Referring to Inmates as “Residents” to Protect Their Feelings

Chuck Schumer & Colbert Dance While Americans Die In Afghanistan

Criminals Break Into Wrong House & Immediately Get 2A Acquainted

Hollywood Perverts Now Want To Shut Up About Politics As Biden Implodes

Lefty Teacher Threatens Students Questioning Her Ideology & Gets Fired!

Defunding The Police In NYC Is Now Leading To Hatchet Attacks

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Parent Punches Teacher In Face & Sends Them To ER Over Masks

Jimmy Fallon & SNL Cast Member Caught "Messaging" Teenage Fan

Friday Night ReeEEE Stream Cancelled as I have Been Food Assassinated

Arnold Schwarzenegger Craps on Freedom & Demands Forced Medical Jabs

Texas Signs 52 Arrest Warrants For Runaway Democrats Who Fled State

Internet Mocks White House Using Cross Dressing Instagram Jab Pusher

Businesses Are Starting To Ban Masked & Vaxxed People!

Subway Franchise Owners Beg Corporate to Pull Megan Rapinoe Ads

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Family Runs Over Machete Wielding Homeless Attacking Their Car In Seattle

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