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So far Google, AdWords, AdSense, Facebook Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, PayPal, Uber, Yahoo and Liberals have prevented Wrhel.com from sharing this information. They have Demonetized, Restricted, Cancelled, Blocked and Kicked Me off their platforms. 


Mark Wrhel and Wrhel.com aren't funded by Big Tech. I am self funded so when Big Tech Deplatformed me, it didn't slow me down a bit. It made things EXCITING for me. I upped my game here on Wrhel.com and I plan on turning up the volume.


I am not asking for money or donations. Republicans don't do that. I would like an opportunity to earn support. Below I list services that I provide. Consider doing business with me. 


I'm like to build websites and exploit social media. This website's purpose is testing scripts and algorithm for my hobbies and for customers. I am a Web Designer, Marketer and Consultant out of Kansas City, MO. I specialize in everything online. Since 1994 I have been actively creating Brands and Websites for companies across the country. Over 5000 websites built!


I'm always looking for new projects to be a part of and I'm all for joining teams. Contact me if you have any projects you could use help with. Mark@Wrhel.com


I created this platform to feature an account growth and management system I put together for LinkedIn. I designed my system while I was growing associate and personal LinkedIn accounts. My system is able to grow and manage thousands of accounts with a very high success rate. MyLinkedPro provides consistent account growth as well as a sustainable long term lead generation. This service provides a turn key LinkedIn account management solution.

  • MyLinkedPro will connect with new targeted users Daily for You
  • MyLinkedPro will follow new targeted leads Daily for You
  • MyLinkedPro will like your connections posts Daily for You
  • MyLinkedPro will share ads from your website Daily for You
  • MyLinkedPro will invite leads to like your company page Daily for You
  • MyLinkedPro will create/grow your own LinkedIn group for your industry Daily for You
  • MyLinkedPro will extract all contact information from your contacts Daily for You


I created an additional service on MyLinkedPro.com that offers access to my LinkedIn Leads Database of over 400 Million People.


This brand was created to buy and sell Dry Van Semi Trailers in the US. This brand features Todd Cummings and his network of Semi Trailer Dealers.


This brand was created to buy and sell Reefer Semi Trailers in the US. This brand features Rod Horner and his network of Semi Trailer Dealers.


We have millions of members in our social media communities looking to buy and sell Semi Trucks and Trailers. We use our influence to reach out to each community member and find out what type of equipment they are looking for. As members respond with info and specs, we verify and forward each lead to our customers. That gives our customers the opportunity to act while they are HOT.

We deliver buyers to sellers every day. We do not seek out buyers. They seek us out. They want us to know what their needs are because we can find the equipment fast. Our buyers trust that we will put their information in the right hands so they can make that deal. That lead should go to you!


This shopping website was created to share affiliate links on FB. This website pulls products based on the what is trending on my FB groups. Completely hands free automation.


This project was created based on the idea that The more people that pray for you the faster your prayers will be heard. So I did just that. I have a website spider looking for prayer request forms and text a prayer and email a prayer etc. and submit every prayer each users submits to my whole prayer network database. So far I have over 100k Prayer Request Services, Groups and Churches actively taking Prayer Requests.

We know that what you did, It Ain't Christian but we can fix it pretty quick with the Power of Bulk Prayers! This is how I achieve my results.

  • My web spider searches the internet identifying websites to submit Prayer Requests.
  • The list of Prayer Request websites are saved and sorted by type of prayers they specialize in.
  • Our Users submit their prayer request via a quick and easy to use form.
  • Users Prayer Request is Sent to the Entire Prayer Request Network of over 100,000 People.

If you believe in the power of prayer then you have to believe the more prayer the better. If you could have even 10% of the prayer network to pray for you that is 10,000 People praying for you which means GOD HAS TO LISTEN!

Try it! It could change your life.


It’s your data, you should get paid for it. Tapestri works seamlessly in the background to allow consumers to earn money from their data.

Earn cash when you share Tapestri. Become a Tapestri Affiliate. A Tapestri affiliate pays a $9.95 monthly subscription fee. Founder’s Club Membership: A Tapestri affiliate that enrolls and pays a $9.95 prior to the launch of the Tapestri app gets the first twelve months subscriptions FREE!


I created Wholesale Dealer Network to help me find and connect with Wholesale dealers in the Heavy Equipment and Commercial Vehicle industries. After running TrailerTodd.com for a while I realized I needed a new way to find and source wholesale deals fast.  I learned that wholesale deals are secret most of the time and can't be shared with large audiences. This is a problem that I couldn't find a solution for so I created one.

  1. Register with very basic info to get started.
  2. We reach out to you and verify human life.
  3. We list you in our directory of verified wholesale dealers.
  4. Members will reach out to you with real intentions of long term relationships.
  5. You will have full access to use our directory to pack your contact list full of the best kind of buyers/sellers available.


I created this brand to feature the 30 Kansas City area Facebook Groups I created and admin. With hundreds of thousands of users in this audience I have the ability to help Local Kansas City business get some really good exposure without having to pay for ad placements. Since I own the groups, I have exclusive and unfiltered access to share customer ads across all of my Facebook groups. This is the absolute best method for Local Kansas City Traffic for the price.

  • AdvertiseKC will share your ad weekly in all of our Facebook Groups
  • AdvertiseKC will share your ad across it's website
  • AdvertiseKC will share your ad weekly on it's newsletter


I started this project to provide an true "Set it and forget it" solution for small business when it comes to sending email campaigns. I put together an integrated system that combines the software needed, the servers needed and the marketing funnel needed to send email campaigns for any size business.

  1. HelpUSend Finds 100% of the Highly Targeted Leads Daily For You
  2. HelpUSend Places Highly Targeted Leads Daily into a List For You
  3. HelpUSend Creates an Extremely Effective Email Newsletter for You
  4. HelpUSend Delivers a Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Event Based email For You


DTTO is a mobile app you can download to your smartphone or tablet and earn money on social media just like those major influencers and famous people do. All you need is a Social Media account and you are an Influencer. DTTO was also created to give small and large businesses the opportunity for their businesses to become viral social media sensations.


I created this website to help promote Drum Corps to the music lovers across the country. I created a system to scan the internet for the newest and latest Drum Corps Videos and share them with Drum Corps fans across the world.


This website is where I test SEO and other algorithms. Here I can play with how google and other search engines process data in real time.

This current system monitors a "Main" YouTube account and watches the suggested videos 24 hours a day. When my system finds a video that is suggested but is unable to find in a search it embeds the video into a new post. The goal is to find the videos that have been shadow banned or restricted distribution.

My system makes searches that are made from different accounts to prevent any bias in my "Main" search results due to the accounts activity. This should provide real time data of any bias in the YouTube search algorithm.

This website should be empty and without posts. For more information contact Mark@Wrhel.com

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