#ThePendragonCycle | History Comes Alive | Production Diary 13

Danny Trejo is Switchblade

Stolen tricks and unpaid rent? These two cases fall apart like a house of cards.

It’s best if Bailiff Kyler keeps his tequila habits between him and himself.

Patrick Warburton is Burly Man

When a judge is as intelligent as Judge Walsh, he doesn’t need much time to deliberate.

Selling on Amazon means reaching even more people who want to shave like a man, not a manifesto.

Daily Wire Backstage: Introducing The 2nd Greatest Commercial Ever

Jeremy’s Razors: The 2nd Greatest Commercial Ever

“Romeo and Juliet” is too heteronormative.

Rob Riggle is Gunderson – an army vet with a penchant for pubs, patriotism, and food fights.

If you thought your roommate drama was petty, think again.

The term “manager” is offensive. On multiple levels.

No lies get past the honorable Judge Walsh.

Get a behind-the-scenes look into the characters of “Mr. Birchum” at the Hollywood premiere!

Don’t mess with King Aurelius ⚔️

@MichaelKnowles owes @roseannebarr an apology and a Mayflower Cigar.

Guests of the “Mr. Birchum” LA premiere tell us their craziest high school story!

#ThePendragonCycle | Epic Action, Plus Filming in Budapest | Production Diary 12

Blatant Toxic Masculinity…