Dems continue to prioritize criminal illegals. Watch the full show.

Another dumb woke actor who sucks. Watch full show.

Trans Border Town Mayor! – EP162

Church-Front Robbery – EP161

This is actually smart bc Biden is too braindead to have an actual conversation.

Why are we looking out for the street rats instead of the innocent people?? Watch full epi.


Who is being protected with policies like this? Watch the full show!

Death By Twerking – EP159

Oyster Bunny

Illegals stay scheming. Watch the full show.

Woah hope these little cards stop the violent unhinged criminals. Watch the full show!

NYC Knockout Game – EP158


Recently single you say?? Watch full show.

Another climate change useful idiot #news #podcast

So criminals tend to constantly do crime? Maybe we should arrest them.

What’s worse the vandalism or millions of illegals here overwhelming our country? Watch the new epi

Hate Crime or Bit? – EP156

Entitled illegals are here. Everyone sees it. Watch the full show.