DeSantis Scores MAJOR Victory As FL Senate Passes Anti Censorship Bill NUKING Big Tech From Orbit

NEW State Of Emergency Declared Over Fear Of BLM Riot After Shooting, Chauvin Verdict Did NOTHING

Chauvin Trial Juror Now ADMITS She Was Terrified Of BLM Riots And Retaliation, Appeal Almost Certain

Police Are Resigning EN MASSE Over BLM Riots And Democrat Policy, Chauvin Verdict Will Make It WORSE

Democrats And BLM Literally Defend Child Knife Fights In Order To Justify Abolishing Police

Minnesota Declares State Of Emergency, National Guard Deployed As Chauvin Verdict Nears, BLM Riots

Democrat Threats And BLM Riots May Have ALREADY Corrupted Chauvin Trial, Jury May Say GUILTY In Fear

Florida Passes Anti Riot Bill Granting Immunity To People Who Drive Through Rioters Amid BLM Riots

Chauvin Trial Prosecutors Screw Up BIGTIME, Judge Threatens Mistrial, Defense FURIOUS, Riot Expected

Chauvin Trial Defense Scores MAJOR Win As Medical Expert Says George Floyd Death Was NOT A Homicide

Police Chief RESIGNS Amid Daunte Wright Riots, Chauvin Trial Compromised By BLM Riots

Chauvin Trial Judge REFUSES To Sequester Jury As BLM Riots ERUPT, Media Tainting Public Perception

Chauvin Trial Lawyer Lands Slam Dunk AGAIN Using States Own Witness, But Floyd Prosecutors Did Well

Biden Wrongly Denounces Constitutional Rights In Order To Enforce Democrat Gun Control Agenda

MASSIVE Backfire Against Prosecutor May Have Just Gotten Derek Chauvin Acquitted In Floyd Trial

George Floyds Friend Now ADMITS He May Be Charged In Floyd Death, Refuses To Testify In Chauvin Case

Conservatives WIN Major Legal Battles, Lawsuit Against Trump BACKFIRES, Opens Door To END Censorship

GOP Governor Announces Policy Barring White People ONLY From COVID Vaccine In INSANELY Illegal Act

George Floyd GF Says State Witness Is Their DEALER, Witness Then REFUSES To Testify In Chauvin Trial

Leftist Accused Of Trying To CORRUPT Chauvin Trial, Judge Reprimands Woman Caught Taking Photos

GOP Rep Says Vaccine Passport May Be Joe Biden’s Mark Of The Beast, Some Believe Its The End Of Days

Vaccine Passports Have Launched In The US, Biden Admin Says National Passport System To Launch Soon

Ted Cruz Leads VICE Style “Hunt” For Smugglers And Illegal Immigrants, Democrats Call It A STUNT

Biden Lies About Illegal Immigration In Press Conference, Democrat Policies MADE The Border Crisis

Biden Plans Rapidly Re-Engineering America In Secret Meeting, Democrats Plan MASSIVE Far Left Push

US Joins The EU Sanctioning China Over Uyghur Abuses INFURIATING The Chinese Communist Party And Xi

CNN Accused Of STAGING Video of Coyote Smuggling Illegal Immigrants As Biden’s Border Crisis Worsens

Biden Struggles, Nearly Falls Down Stairs In Viral Video As China SLAMS Us As Weak And Fractured

Democrats Are Trying To Eject A Republican Congresswoman To INSTALL A Democrat In INSANE Power Grab

Chauvin Trial CORRUPTED By $27M Settlement To Floyd Family, Jurors REMOVED After News Taints Trial

Democrats Reverse Trump Policy Banning Racial Segregation In Schools, Biden Admin ALLOWS Segregation

Famous Comedian QUITS Democratic Party, Disavows Cancel Culture From Progressives, Slams Culture War

Democrats DEMAND Governor Cuomo Resign As He Faces CRIMINAL Investigation Over Nursing Home Scandal

Democrats Pass New Gun Control Bill, Media Launches Creepy Coordinated Propaganda On Gun Crime

CA Governor Won’t Give Up Lockdown Policies Because Of “Inequity,” Democrats Exploit COVID For Power

Corporate Media Hit By Layoffs As Trump Slump Means Democrats Have No Unifying Villain To Exploit

Biden May ALREADY Be Transferring Presidency To Kamala Harris As Even Democrats Notice Outsized Role

Biden SLAMMED By Democrats And Republicans Over New Migrant Crisis That May Be The WORST Ever Seen

Ebay Just NUKED Dr. Seuss Books As OFFENSIVE, RSBN Gets Nuked By Youtube As Censorship Escalates

Texas Announces COVID Lockdown Is OVER Triggering Prominent Liberals, Biden Says Not Until NEXT YEAR