House Passes ‘Equality Act’ to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex; Churches Fear | Facts Matter

Over at the House, the Equality Act has been passed – and now it’s making its way to the Senate. This act would (among other things) eliminate the legal definition of biological sex.

It was just confirmed by the State Department that Chinese authorities tested American diplomats for Covid using anal swab tests. However, they say that it was done in error.

Over in Texas, a federal judge has ruled that the federal moratorium on evictions is actually unconstitutional. Meaning that evictions might soon resume.


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House Passes ‘Equality Act’ to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex; Churches Fear | Facts Matter
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21 thoughts on “House Passes ‘Equality Act’ to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex; Churches Fear | Facts Matter

  1. I wonder how many atrocities will happen soon after this would go into law, there's certainly a black cloud coming, all those in favor of this law will be directly responsible for every assault and murder.

  2. Who would vote for such a pathetic bill and who thought it up??? Sounds very neanderthal in it's entirety. Is nedib going to lose his status to lower than low too, he attends church?? Read book The Naked Truth of Communism written 20/30 years ago, and it has come to fruition. May God protect and bless the United States of Free America! 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Welp this the end, I guess doctors don’t need to know our biological sex and everyone are sexually Ambiguous aliens. Does that person have ovaries or testicals I guess we will never know.

  4. During The World War II the government of The United States of America was informed about the holocaust by Jan Karski. They deliberately looked the other way until reality FORCED them to accept it.

    Since then 80 years have passed. There are people informing the government of the USA about China breaking international laws. What does the USA do about it? THEY LOOK THE OTHER WAY!

    Some things never change.

    At least 80 years ago they didn't sell Jan Karski to the Nazis. I'm not so sure they wouldn't do it today.

  5. So, if one were NOT an American diplomat one has no right to retain dignity and must be subjected to the anal swab test. Interesting.

  6. Cancel the Olympics immediately because you can no longer have Women's 1000 meters and Men's 5000meter relay etc etc because there are no men or women.

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