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Nightly News Full Broadcast – Feb. 12

Vivek Ramaswamy says voters will reward his ‘authenticity,’ but he’d be ‘at peace’ with losing

Inmate at Georgia jail accused of killing cellmate in racially motivated attack

Former Hamas leader calls for ‘day of rage’ across the Arab world

Video shows racist assault on Boston train

Bodycam released in deadly ambush shooting in North Dakota

Virginia school board meeting on transgender policies ends in chaos

New York makes history with first Latino NYPD commissioner

This Morning’s Top Headlines – July 5

President #Biden falls during U.S. #AirForceAcademy #graduation

Mexico shootout leaves at least 10 dead

Christian leaders say little is being done to stop attacks in Jerusalem 

Mexican president says U.S. will not ‘intervene in our territory’

Off-duty officer shoots man in scuffle

Hammer-wielding woman’s racist rants terrorize St. Louis family

Off-duty officer shot during Facebook Marketplace transaction turned robbery

Off-duty police officer shot during Facebook marketplace transaction

#NY Man Charged With #HateCrime After Allegedly Targeting #Jewish Father And Son

Trial Begins For Texas Cop Charged With Fatally Shooting Atatiana Jefferson