Mass Shooting at TI Trap Museum in Atlanta as 7 die in weekend shootings.

Mass shooting & 2 year old shot at Popeyes in Chicago is among 37 shot during violent weekend.

Two promising athletes horrifically gunned down in the streets of Blakistan.

I will do what I must. — #StarWars #JokeBiden

Colin Kaepernick vs Black Women war over Abolishing Police takes a hilarious twist.


TikTok’s Funniest Woke Vids Allowed by Law

Subway Face Slashing crew on the run after reigning terror on countless innocent riders.

Chicago Queen beats the crap out of several Miami hotel employees, threatens South Beach cops.

Parents vs School Board: REVOLT against Critical Race Theory

EXPOSED: Media Repeating Same Script

Let’s talk about Your White Privilege..and Mine.

Mass Shooting in Providence causes scared residents & Police Chief to call out Thugs.

Fauci Confession, “about HALF of THEIR Employees Vaccinated” #shorts

Woman shot, man pistol whipped in Broad Daylight robbery of $500,000 watch at Beverly Hills cafe.

Feminist SJWs in their Natural Habitat

Mass Shooting as gun man opens fire as group paint mural for man killed last year in Philadelphia.

Ted Cruz Wrecks Senator who calls him a Liar (article in disc)

Black female reporter gets P.I.M.P slapped by swirling brotha while reporting on Miami Beach crime.

Philadelphia Domestic Violence murders are up 138% since BLM/Defund the Police movement.

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Dark skinned Black Women drag Colin Kaepernick for using them to push new Anti-Police & Prison book.

Black Mother Wrecks Critical Race Theory at School Board #shorts

Black man disguised as a White man finally arrested after over 30 robberies.

TikTok Teacher Goes Viral for the Right Reason

Legendary High School Footbal Coach is gunned down like a dog by a masked Detroit Thug.

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Black preacher & wife get their eyes gouged out by Chicago thug in senseless attack.

Joe Biden vs The United States Economy

Barber Shop owner shot down like a dog in her own business in front of customers.

Philly Psycho’s murder of teen police cadet in broad daylight caught on Ring Doorbell.

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Florida Mass Shooting leaves adoring father & his beautiful daughter dead at Brown Sugar Festival.

Three people shot in Times Square including a 4 year old after gun man opens fire following dispute

Nurse clunked upside the head by stranger during her 1st hour in New York City immediately moves.

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Wild brawl at Miami Airport after woman is kicked off of plane for assaulting crew.

New York residents angry after Black Man is shot by Private Security Guard.

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