Black Woman Superintendent BUSTED Sending Racist Text Messages About Getting Rid Of White Principals

Hollywood Actor Trashes Joy Behar After Her Awkward Sexual Advancements Towards Him Live On Air

Democrat Senator Calls Clarence Thomas A Racial Slur During Floor Debate On Erecting Statue!

Black Man In Black Face BOOTED From Sarah Silverman Show For Protesting Sarah Silverman’s Black Face

Matt Walsh SILENCES WOKE Democrats On House Floor During Sex Change For Minors Debate!

Trans Lives Matter Protestors STORM Oklahoma Capitol Building Over Bill BANNING Child Sex Changes!

Satanic WOKE Grammys Delivers ANOTHER Ratings DISASTER As Hollyweird Embraces Devil Worship!

Eric Adams EMBARRASSED As UPPITY Illegal Immigrants REJECT Shelters And EXODUS NYC For Canada!

Hunter Biden PANICS AS Things Get WORSE! BEGS DOJ To Investigate Trump Allies & SILENCE Fox News!

WOKE Pizza Employee FIRED After Attempting To KICK POLICE OUT Of Restaurant!

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Don Lemon BUTT HURT After Getting ROASTED By Stephen Colbert As His Ratings TANK TO THE WORST EVER!

WOKE Teacher Announces She IS QUITTING Because People Don’t Want LGBTQ Flags In Classroom!

Liberal TRIGGERED Over Greg Gutfeld Making Trans Jokes & Mocking WOKE AP African American History!

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Nancy Pelosi Goes On Delusional Rant Over Democrats Getting Removed From Their Committee Assignment!

Greta Thunberg EXPOSED Staging Her Arrest After Antifa Climate Change Protest Against Coal Factory!

WOKE Democrats Demands Tampons In Boys Bathrooms For Menstruating Males

Lori Lightfoot BUSTED VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW And Under Investigation After In MASSIVE Email Scandal!

Joy Behar DEMANDS Biden Come Clean For Stealing Classified Documents Because He Looks Hypocritical!