Passenger Trolls Airline Into Paging 'Let's Go Brandon' Over Intercom As 'F Joe Biden' Goes Viral!

George Floyd Union Square Statue VANDALIZED Immediately As Dems Fold On Key Promise To Black People

Matt Gaetz TEARS Woke Generals Mark Milley And Lloyd Austin A New One In Afghanistan Hearing

Race Hustler DOXXES A Woman And Ruins Her Life Because She Told Him To 'Stay In Your Hood'

ASU Karens GO BALLISTIC KICKING OUT Pro Cop White Male Students For Studying In Multicultural Space!

Asian Lady Tears Down WOKE Propaganda & Political Ads On NYC Subway, Says This What CHINA Wants!

BLM Threatens Bill De Blasio with George Floyd Like Protests In Response To VAX mandate

Joy Reid Dismisses The Gabby Petito Case As 'Missing White Woman Syndrome'

Woke TikTokers Claim People Only Care About Gabby Petito Going Missing Because She Is White

Psychopath SF Mayor Says She Don't Need 'Fun Police' After Getting Caught Partying Maskless With BLM

AOC's 'Tax The Rich' Dress Designer OWES THOUSANDS To The IRS & Stiffs Her Workers On Pay & Benefits

Nicki Minaj SILENCED By Twitter As Socialists Explode Over Her Endorsing Tucker Carlson's Message

Biden, Joy Reid, CNN & Joy Behar Support Of Treasonous Gen Mark Milley Because They Hate Trump!

Washington University Student CAUGHT On Camera Destroying 911 Memorial In Protest of US Imperialism

Rose McGowan Exposes Newsom & Endorses Elder As LA Times Doubles Down On White Supremacist Narrative

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Kamala Harris Takes A Shot At Joe Biden's Vaccine Mandate?!

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Larry Elder ATTACKED WITH EGG By White Liberal As Black Liberal Claims Only Democrats Can Have Power

'Fat Trophy Wife' Claims She Was Kicked Off Alaska Flight For Being Fat, Tattooed, And Mixed Race

Woke TikToker Says We Need Tampons In Men's Restrooms To Fight Period Poverty Against Trans Men

Jim Acosta Calls Tucker Carlson A 'Human Manure Spreader' For Afghan Refugee 'Conspiracy'

Don Lemon Wants To Give Joe Biden A Break On Afghanistan & Leaving Behind Americans With Taliban

Candace Owens DENIED COVID Testing By Colorado Clinic Because of Her Political Beliefs

Cori Bush Claims New Texas Heartbeat Abortion Ban Will Disproportionately Harm Black People?!

Teachers Union Boss Says Opening Schools Is White Privilege As NYC Wants Social Justice Honor Roll

Police Officer And Firefighter Suspended And Placed On Leave For Flashing 'Racist' Hand Gesture

Woke TikTok Girl Explains 'Libragender' & 'Librafluid' Gender Identities | REACTION

US Marine REMOVED FROM DUTY For Demanding Accountability From Military Leadership Over Afghan Crisis

Teacher Tells Kid They Can Pledge Allegiance To Pride Flag After Taking Down American Flag

AOC DEMANDS US Take In AT LEAST 200K Afghan Refugees MINIMUM Or 'Whatever Amount Is Necessary'

SCOTUS & Landlords Hand Joe Biden ANOTHER FAT L AS THEY STRIKE DOWN The CDC's Eviction Moratorium

Empty Suit Biden Wets The Bed In Pathetic Response To Kabul Attacks As GOP Calls For His Impeachment

Non-Binary TikToker Claims Men Protecting Their Daughters and Women Is Anti-Trans And Anti-Women

Biden FOLDS To Taliban Ultimatum On US Troop Withdrawal As His Approval Rating TANKS To New Low

Pelosi Says It's A Great Day For Democrats As Americans Are Stranded But Dems Pass $3.5T Budget Plan

75 Florida Doctors STAGE WALKOUT In Protest of Unvaccinated Patients Filling Up ICU Beds

Biden and Kamala LAUGH When Pressed On Afghanistan Disaster And Declining Approval Rating!


Demi Lovato BLASTED By LGBT Community For Claiming She Might Identify As Trans One Day

Max Kellerman Is GETTING BOOTED From ESPN First Take Because Stephen A Smith Doesn't Like Him?!

OnlyFans To BAN Explicit Adult Content Potentially Sending ALOT of Young Women Into Unemployment!

Teacher Gets Fired (Allegedly) For Teaching Gender Studies, Consent & Anatomy To Preschool Kids

WOKE Writer Roslyn Talusan Gets CANCELLED Trying To Cancel White Woman For Selling Asian Cookbook

China Exploits Biden's Afghanistan Disaster Threatening Taiwan As Thousands of Refugees Come To US

MSDNC Brian Williams WRECKED By Afghan Veteran Matt Zeller After Simping For Joe Biden

Biden Blames Trump For Afghanistan Disaster As Russia, Pakistan & China Cozy Up To New Government

Hope Solo Takes SHOT At Megan Rapinoe For Bullying Teammates Into Kneeling 'Winning Should Be Focus'

MSDNC HACK LIES For DEMS As Joy Reid Says It Was OK To Be VAXX Hesitant When Trump Was President