President Trump’s Lawyer Got Cancelled by Law School, Civil Rights Law Group | Facts Matter

One of President Trump’s impeachment attorneys told Epoch Times that he had his law class cancelled by a university, because supposedly, his presence might make some students feel uncomfortable.

Another one of Trump’s lawyers had to take his family into hiding, because his home was vandalized, the windows were broken, and he says that he’s received close to 100 death threats.


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Exclusive: Trump’s Attorney Gets Cancelled by Law School, Civil Rights Law Group | Facts Matter
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33 thoughts on “President Trump’s Lawyer Got Cancelled by Law School, Civil Rights Law Group | Facts Matter

  1. Where do you think this cancel culture is taking America? What is the way back? πŸ€”
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  2. Fuck Facebook … when are y'all gonna realize that we need to get rid of all of them and if you keep going on there you are supporting them. If everybody gets off of it they can't stay afloat. I realize it's hard to get rid of all of it like Google and YouTube Facebook and all but I promise you if you shut down one the rest will get the picture because they don't want to go belly up. I'm hooked on YouTube I was on Facebook for years and I shut it down about a year ago and never looked back. I will do the same to you too as well as Google if it keeps up. If we do not stop this now it's not going to go anywhere it's just going to get worse. Just bitching about it is not going to do anything.

  3. Wow! We live in interesting times where you cannot have rights, like careers, safety, free speech. Every day I feel like I live in a crazy world that I do not recognize!πŸ˜ͺ

  4. I believe as soon as someone calls you or sees you as a color they are being racist.
    I know I am made up of 4 different NATIONALITIES not a color of black, white, or red!

  5. The trump lawyers did well to point out the democrats hypocrisy. And anyone who seeks to "cancel" them, needs answer the question, "Why should their first amendment rights be canceled and not yours?"

  6. It's interesting that you say "Facts Matter", yet you hypocritically report that "open discussion" about vaccines is not allowed when it is (I can give you many links with open discussion and people describing their opinions and concerns about vaccines) and you openly defend the far right's desire to state things that are factually incorrect (and potentially harmful) as it is their "right to state their opinion". That's not "open discussion". That's disinformation. Harmful disinformation when far right sheep blindly follow it without questioning. Worse yet: continue to "share" it with their fellow sheep.

    When people in positions of authority tell the public to start leaving the plane without a parachute while it's in the air and then lamely defend those actions by saying they are simply giving their constituents a choice (rather than being "controlled" by the evil left), that's simply wrong AND not according to the facts. What I haven't been able to figure out about folks like you, Roman, is whether you actually believe the snake oil you sell, or whether you consider what you do as giving the consumer what they want as your justification.

    I scoured the last 3 weeks of your episodes to see if I could find the Texas frozen windmill lie… Either I missed it, or you decided it was too hard to defend that particular "fact" to your viewers. Don't bother replying. I won't be back to check it. This was just a minor rabbithole I happened upon. Your viewers will pillory me to your satisfaction using all sorts of names, epithets, etc. The funny thing is that I was born and raised a conservative, and right on through Reagan and the Bushes, I was still pretty OK with it, but last year as a science teacher watching the leader of our country telling people in March and April that the whole thing would be over by Easter. Then July. Then right around the corner. Week after week of lying. THEN encouraging people to gather in groups without social distancing or any other precautions. We've had more people die per capita than ANY country on the globe in this most advanced of countries. FACTS matter??! How do you explain that fact? (oops, nevermind: it's China's fault, it's the fault of all the governors, it's _insert name here_'s fault.) Bottom line, we have more DEAD than anyone. You're right. Facts DO matter.

  7. That's just wrong they have no right to do that to the lawyers they were doing their job and I have to say a DANG good job they did to . God bless them and keep them safe.

  8. Seems to me that the highest ranking members of the military in DC have become Democrat loyalist, otherwise they would have got involved in the 2020 election when it was proven that the CCP had connected to the dominion voting machines and were involved in the election fraud!

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