Video Shows CBP Escort Illegal Immigrants Through Border, Democrat Policies Lead TO COVID Lockdown

BLM Activist Proposes Black Only Cities Or "Autonomous Zones" In D.C. Democrats Warn Of "Civil War"

Texas Democrat Stunt BACKFIRES As Six Democrats, WH Staff And Pelosi Aide Test Positive For COVID

France Introduces PRISON For People Without Vaccine Passports, Rioters Burn Vaccine Center

Democrats ADMIT To Big Tech Collusion To Censor Americans, Establishment PANICS Over "Freedom Phone"

Poll Shows Over 35% Support Secession, Biden Pushing Civil War As More People Call For Balkanization

Cuban Communist Regime In PANIC, Open Fire On Peaceful Protesters, Democrats REJECT Cuban Refugees

Navy Unprepared For War As Diversity Training Supersedes War Training Causing US SURRENDER To Iran

South Africa COLLAPSING, Armed Citizens SHOOTING Rioters As Army Deployed To Quell "Civil War"

New Story PROVES Democrats Let Cities BURN In BLM Riots And Crimewaves In Order To Spite Trump

Stores Panic Buy Food In Fear Something BIG Is Coming, Food Shortage Gets WORSE Amid Economic Crisis

Trump Launches MAJOR Class Actions Lawsuits Against Big Tech over Censorship, Democrats Mock Attempt

Capitol Police EXPANDING Around US Using 1/6 As Excuse For Power, Democrats Push For NATIONAL Police

Democrats Have Come Out Against The 4th of July And The American Flag, The U.S. Is Being Torn Apart

China Caught Building Over 100 Nuclear Missile Silos As Threats Of War Escalate, Taiwan At Risk

BLM Rioters Hold City Council VP "Hostage" Demand Riot Charges Dropped, Democrats Are LOSING Control

Fauci Warns Refusing Vaccination Splitting US Into Two Countries, Judge Sentences Men To Vaccination

Trump Supporter Warns CNN That CIVIL WAR is Coming Unless Trump is Reinstated As Arizona Audit Ends

GOP Rep DEMANDS Activist Athlete Gwen Berry Be Removed Over Protesting US Anthem At Olympic Trials

John McAfee's Wife Says He Would NOT Take His Own Life, Prison Guards SHOCKED As Narrative Breaks

Russia Threatens To BOMB UK Warship, Threatens Nuclear Retaliation As US Military Falls To Wokeism

Russia Fires Warning Shots And Bombs At HMS Defender, China Threatens To JOIN Russian Counterattack

Report EXPOSES Google's Funding Of Wuhan Linked Virus Research, Republicans And Scientists CENSORED

Hundreds Of BLM Looters Have Charges Dropped, Liberals Are Fleeing To Red States And Voting Democrat

Suburb Declares Its SECEDING Due To Crime As BLM Riots Make Police Quit EN MASSE

China Stages LARGEST Air Invasion of Taiwan Airspace Sparking Fears The U.S. Is Headed Towards War

Biden Gets HUMILIATED By Putin, Video Catches Biden With Flash Cards As He Struggles In Meeting

INSANE Video Shows Man Loading Garbage Bag Of Stolen Goods, Democrat Policies Have DESTROYED Cities

Biden Seems To Get LOST At G7, Crowd Laughs At Him As He Wanders Confused, Democrats Made A Bad Bet

Desantis Scores MAJOR Victory For Conservatives, FL BANS Critical Race Theory Sparking Woke Outrage

Biden Inflation Crisis Gets WORSE, Prices May Predict MAJOR Market Crash As Democrats KEEP Spending

Democrats Mandating Vaccine Segregation Is Splitting The Country In Half, GOP Bans Vaccine Passports

NYT Staff On MSNBC Denounces American Flags As Disturbing, Democrats Don't Share Reality With GOP

The US Now Prepping For WAR With China, Dispatching Air Force Across Pacific, Taiwan Faces Invasion

China Threatens US With NUCLEAR WAR Over COVID Investigation As Pentagon Arms For War With China

Biden Admin Seeks To FIRE FAUCI Amid Email Scandal Says New Report, Republicans DEMAND He Be Fired

Texas Declares Migrant Crisis A DISASTER, SLAMS Biden Open Borders Policy, Democrats Escalate Crisis

Major Cyberattack Just CRIPPLED US Meat Supply As Democrat Spending Pushes Dollar Toward Collapse

Retired General Calls For Myanmar Like Military Coup In US Escalating Fear of Second Civil War

Democrats FURIOUS After GOP Blocks Jan 6th Commission, Republicans Defect And DEFEND Democrat Lies

BLM Politician Who Voted To Defund Police Carjacked by CHILDREN, Democrats PANIC And REFUND Police

Fauci Faces FIRING As MASSIVE Scandal About To Erupt After Fauci Admits Funding Went To Wuhan Lab

Shots ERUPT At George Floyd No Go Zone In MN During LIVE News Report, BLM Antifa Causing MORE CRIME

Fauci Says COVID Lab Leak Possible, Media In FULL Panic Mode, Stealth Editing, Retracting "Debunks"

Ted Cruz SLAMS Woke Army Ad, Says Democrats And Woke media Turning Our Military Into "Pansies"

Oregon Counties Officially Voted To SECEDE Over Failed Democrat Policies, Texans Push Secession Bill

Pro BLM Prosecutor CRUSHES Moderate In Election Proving Democrats WANT Rising Crime, Support Riots

Democrat State Level FAILURES Come Back To Haunt Them As ALREADY Republicans Predicted To Win 2022

Democrats REFUSE To Remove Masks Following CDC Guidelines Over Fear Of Being Seen As Conservative

Gas Company CAVED, Pays $5M Ransom To Restart Gas Pipeline, Biden Blames RUSSIANS As Gas prices Rise