Prospective Juror 😮

Bill Barr Backs Trump 🇺🇸

Town Creates Militia to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

US Property Owners 🥂

Supreme Court Issues 9-0 Decision

PRISON for Selling Gun 😵

Scheme to Eliminate Electoral College 76% Complete

Aerosol chemical 😶‍🌫️

Electoral College Votes 🧢

2020 Census 🗳️

Nebraska Legislature 📜

Senator Switches Party 🇺🇸

Senator Switches Party, Allowing for MAJOR Change to Electoral Vote System

Powerful Drug 🔬

Conflict of Interest 💰

Judge’s Daughter 💁🏻‍♀️

‘Hush Money’ Judge’s Wife Exposed

Undated Ballots 📆

Appeal Court Overturns Mail-in Ballot Ruling

Government Control 😷