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Federal Agencies Hired Over 20K Informants, Paid Them $548M; Kidnapping Plot Exposed | Facts Matter

CDC Reveals 79% of Omicron Patients Were "Fully Vaccinated", 32% Had Booster Shots | Facts Matter

Study Finds Natural Immunity Gives 6X Protection Versus Shots; 80% Less Severe Cases | Facts Matter

800,000 Non-Citizens Allowed to Vote in Elections: New Law PASSED in NYC Council | Facts Matter

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Florida Forms New Civilian Military Force That Reports to Governor DeSantis | Facts Matter

3,200 Fully Vaccinated Cruise Passengers Suffer Massive Outbreak, 17 Confirmed Cases | Facts Matter

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Bank Testing Segregation Program; 14 Kids Given Wrong Dosage; FDA Approves Boosters | Facts Matter

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Biden's Vaccine Mandate Suspended by Dept of Labor; Judge Issues Injunction | Facts Matter

Passports Being Disabled for 65+ Year Olds Who Don't Take 3rd (Booster) Shot in France

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