Trump Attacks Mitch McConnell in New Statement; Plans to Back Primary Challengers | Facts Matter

President Trump just released a statement, which basically threw down the gauntlet: calling Mitch McConnell a “dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack” who is responsible for his party’s devastating loss of the Senate.

Then, he went on to note that Mitch McConnell cannot be trusted on China because of his family’s ties to the communist country.


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Trump Says GOP Won’t Win With Mitch McConnell, Plans to Back MAGA Primary Candidates | Facts Matter
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43 thoughts on “Trump Attacks Mitch McConnell in New Statement; Plans to Back Primary Challengers | Facts Matter

  1. What do you want me to ask the speakers / attendees at CPAC next week? 🤔
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  2. Mitch Macconney is a complete corrupt everyone knows that he and his wife has business with CCP what kind of majority leader we have in the senate we must to be fired ASAP.

  3. The sad thing is as a result of President Trump's endorsement we'll have Mitch McConnell in the senate until 2027 as a Senator's term is 6 years. The 3 Senators I want gone are Romney, Graham and McConnell. All 3 are RINOs and obstructionists. Romney is a weasel.

  4. What is Trump doing with McConnell's wife as the transportation secretary? Sounds like he's intermingling with the swamp. Trump also backed people like rino Thillis in NC in their primary against Garland Tucker and left good people like Judge Moore in Alabama out to dry where we lost seats.

    Good job Trump, how you've duped the conservative party so deeply is beyond me…

  5. I’m glad he said that about McConnell the way he blamed trump for the crap that went on that day, it wasn’t a trump mob but a mob that were mostly antifa pros and insiders allowing the mob to just walk into a trap!

  6. In short Tiffany exposed the CCP. And big Tech is taking dictation from the Deadbeat Democrats Deep State Swamp and Big Tech and Big Business and Banks 🏦. Did I miss anybody?

  7. Guess what Mitch McConnell, senators and congressman don't get away with either anything either, so just take that into account, that don't give any elected official from the highest office down to the lowest office any right to break the law and take advantage of the public, God freaking bless Donald Trump and God bless America.

  8. Mitch McConnell is nothing but a Democrat in Republican clothing, he's a dem through and through, they got to him a long time ago apparently.

  9. Mitch is a traitor. He is a true Democrat, pretending to be a Republican. I still feel that China's flag will replace the American flag in our future, if things do not change. I hope the good Lord takes me home before that happens. This nation is in trouble.

  10. I'll say it over and over. Republican leadership has been lacking for decades. They sit by and let the Dem's push through legislation that affect Americans for decades and do nothing but talk. Trump was the only person looking out for all Americans. The problem is incumbent politicians usually get reelected because of uninformed voters. All swamp politicians know this. Get rid of these lifelong creatures and get some people willing to fight and not just talk and point fingers at the other party.

  11. Rhino, lead swamp rat, traitor, CCP businessman. All true. I think that we’re way better off without this swamp rat. I will wholeheartedly and financially support anyone who runs against this man.

  12. I've made very clear that I am not supporting Republicans until the rinos are gone. Mitch, Romney, Cheney, and the like.
    They don't care about the party, only themselves.
    .every mailer, phone call, any communication I am able, to let them know. Their emails will not accept comments, so I have unsubscribed.
    I challenge everyone, send those mailers back with no money, in felt pen write: no rinos, no money until these guys are gone.

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