After ‘Killer’ Remark, Putin Challenges Biden to Live Debate; Ambassador Leaves USA | Facts Matter

After Joe Biden made comments about how Vladimir Putin is a “killer,” Russia pulled ambassador out of America. Putin then challenged Biden to a live debate.

Meanwhile, in Ohio, a large Ford Motor plant has just announced that they are planning to move a major project (worth about $900 million) over to Mexico.


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After ‘Killer’ Remark, Ambassador Leaves, Putin Challenges Biden to Live Debate | Facts Matter
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23 thoughts on “After ‘Killer’ Remark, Putin Challenges Biden to Live Debate; Ambassador Leaves USA | Facts Matter

  1. What do you think of Joe Biden's foreign policy approach thus far? 🤔
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  2. Total racism. If I went to this school, I wouldn't want these separate graduations. If they want to come together in their racial groups to celebrate, they can have after graduation parties. And by the way, where's the white people graduation ceremony?

  3. Segregated graduation ceremonies? Come on, are you kidding? That would be flagrantly racist and probably illegal as well – if sanity still had a foot in the door, that is…

  4. Who has President Libya ..?!
    Muammar al-Gaddafi / Date of the Ice Cold Americans Assassination October 20, 2011
    Who has genral Iran ..?!
    Qasem Soleimani / Date of the Ice Cold Americans Assassination January 3, 2020
    Who has nuclear physicists Iran ..?! Mohsen Fachrisadeh / Date of Ice Cold American Assassination November 27, 2020

  5. Sweet. Yes bring on the debate because creepy joe and heels up harris wont go along with this. I really would enjoy the debate because creepy joe wont be able to dispute. Haha creepy joe you are far to senile to show up to the debate. Just plain chicken and weak person creepy joe wont do this

  6. Biden can't debate an American reporter with the balls to ask him a tough question. Putin would spank Dementia Joe and expose him for the figurehead fraud he is.

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